As the World Turns

It’s not as obvious with the most recent changes, but one of Epcot’s classic attractions has always employed a little bit of musical steroids to pump up one of the emotional punches of the ride. It’s a sneaky bit of subterfuge, injected from hidden speakers as you reach the top, and even though I stole […]

Animal Kingdom’s Lost Temple

You’ll have to forgive our light posting lately.  Turns out we were more lost in Animal Kingdom than we realized.  It’s like a casino in there — no clocks, no windows, cocktail waitresses comping your drinks. They aren’t kidding with that “nahtazu” campaign. We joke, but actually Animal Kingdom was always intended to a be […]

Even more lost (perhaps for good?) in Animal Kingdom

Usually we tend to be a little smarmy around here at the Parkeology offices.  We lace our posts with humor, sarcasm and even (though often unintentionally) some wit.  You know, we’re cool like that. On occasion we might become obsessed with something as we recently saw with Franco-American week  month (stay tune for Shane’s upcoming […]