Thrilla in Parkzilla Round 1

Which park is best?Six years ago I wrote a series of articles for our friends at The purpose was to evaluate and compare each of the Disney parks to see which one truly reigned supreme. In a tough fought brawl to take it all one park emerged as the ultimate victor. But six years […]

Top 10 Name Changes That Changed Nothing – Part 1

This post is part of the Disney Blog Carnival.  Head over there to see more great Disney-related posts and articles. —————— “I think I’ll go meet the boys for a cold sasparilla.  Oh I forgot, we’re calling it root beer now.  Same kind of thing, different name.  Well, that’s progress for you!” — Carousel of Progress Remember those […]

Lost Links to the Temple of Doom

Last week I had some time to sit down with Robert Watts and listen to him tell stories.  For those of you who don’t know, Robert Watts is a movie producer.  He’s worked on countless films, most of them low-budget B-flicks like the James Bond series, the first three Star Wars movies, the first three […]

Yoda Exiled to Magic Kingdom to Work on His Music

Before you even step under the train station and enter the Magic Kingdom, the stage is set.  The magic is all around you, starting with the breezy palms on the shore of the Seven Seas Lagoon, progressing to a floral Mickey head just beyond the gate, and culminating in a breathtaking search of your personal […]