Thrilla in Parkzilla Round 1

Which park is best? Six years ago I wrote a series of articles for our friends at The purpose was to evaluate and compare each of the Disney parks to see which one truly reigned supreme. In a tough fought brawl to take it all one park emerged as the ultimate victor.   But […]

Top 10 Name Changes That Changed Nothing – Part 1

This post is part of the Disney Blog Carnival.  Head over there to see more great Disney-related posts and articles. ——————     “I think I’ll go meet the boys for a cold sasparilla.  Oh I forgot, we’re calling it root beer now.  Same kind of thing, different name.  Well, that’s progress for you!” — Carousel of Progress […]

Lost Links to the Temple of Doom

Last week I had some time to sit down with Robert Watts and listen to him tell stories.  For those of you who don’t know, Robert Watts is a movie producer.  He’s worked on countless films, most of them low-budget B-flicks like the James Bond series, the first three Star Wars movies, the first three […]