Don’t Touch That Radio Dial

It’s been quite a few years since my first trip to Disney World, and even my hundredth trip is far back in the rearview mirror, but every kid who ever made frequent pilgrimages to this little patch of Central Florida has that favorite “tell,” a fun little indicator that you were close.  Really close.  So […]

Thrilla in Parkzilla: ROUND THREE!

If you are late to the fight you can check out the impact of round one HERE and take a beating with round two HERE.Lets get into the mood…As a reminder, this brutal fight was actually waged five years ago when it first ran on, we are re-running it in its original format now. […]

Gun Logic in the Great Movie Ride

I love simple solutions to complex problems.  Maybe that’s why I used my first pick on Alexander the Great in my World Conquerors Fantasy draft.  Not only did he solve the Gordian Knot, but he’s led the league in rushing the past three years.  Plus, he’s a huge Disney fan. Rope Drop at the Magic […]

Catching Peter Pan’s Shadow

It’s good to be back to posting after a week of illness.  Hey, at least it gave me time to setup our new Parkeology facebook page.  If any of you FB-ers are so inclined, why don’t you show your Parkeology Team Spirit and click the big old “Like” button over there on the right of […]

Thrilla in Parkzilla: ROUND TWO!

If you missed round one catch up HERE. Ladies and gentleman, I give you the most massive mega fight of all time, the ultimate showdown of the Disney gladiators, a fight that has been decades in the making, this is round two of the…. The crowd is still riled up after the first round of […]

4 Steps To Magically Find Your Calling

Next week, Teevtee continues his series on the Thrilla in Parkzilla, but for now I want you to pick up a dictionary.  College level, if you have it.  Look up the word “Awesome.”  If you don’t see the following image, throw your dictionary away, because it is just a sad waste of trees: That’s right. […]