Making My Own Philharmagic

This is a bit of a departure today from our usual hard-hitting news and breathtaking secrets, but today I would like to spend a few moments talking about a serious disorder that affects 9 out of every 10 parkeologists.  It’s called GAS, which doctors inform me stands for Giveit Away Syndrome. In one sense, it’s […]

Thrilla in Parkzilla: The Rematch!

  For the last 2 months the Parkeology offices have been abuzz with debate, arguments and the occasional arm wrestling match as we tried to definitively answer once and for all which Disney park was the best in the world. Catch up here, here or here:     Lets do this thing! Shane suffered a […]

The Misquotable Pinocchio

You know how some of those old Disney songs have all these weird words to remember?  If you can recite entire verses of Higitus Figitus without a cheat sheet and a degree in linguistics, you are either some kind of savant or your name is Richard M. Sherman. If you can’t, don’t feel bad.  Even […]

Ask Captain Nemo

If you need some information about Walt Disney World, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call Guest Relations.  If you want your information to actually be accurate, go to Deb Wills.  And for some of you, all the information you ever need is stored in your head, including the latest […]

Country Dinosaur Jubilee

The story goes that when Disneyland was first being built, they had no funds, no good ideas, and no edible landscape with which to manufacture a good Tomorrowland.  Today, they might just fill it with character greeting areas and call it a Fantasyland Expansion, but back then they just went with whatever they had:  Bathrooms […]

Lion King House of Horrors

Who doesn’t love the Lion King?  It is non-stop cuddly creatures from the opening number until the very end of the movie.  Snuggly lions, huggable warthogs, squeezy giraffes.  Just sitting in the movie theater makes you want to save all the animals in the world, to spread a message of peace, love, and harmony.  We […]