Walt Disney World Explorer CD-ROM (1996)

Released in 1996 (with a revised edition two years later), the Walt Disney World Explorer CD-ROM game quickly climbed the charts to become the best selling game of the year.  Featuring an innovative combat interface, diabolical level design, and enhanced A.I., it went on to collect all the major awards and appeared on several Top […]

The Haunted Mansion (GameCube, 2003)

Back into the virtual world we go!  Parkeology continues to deliver hard-hitting coverage of video games based on Disney theme parks, and YOU ARE THERE.  Too bad for you. Today we move far beyond the primitive reaches of 1990’s Adventures in the Magic Kingdom and jump a full three Nintendo consoles ahead.  The year is […]

Parkeology in the Virtual World

This is how parkeologists view the world:  An apocalyptic Disney landscape, in which the wind whistles eerily through once-grand halls, and evil creatures lurk in the darkness  (no, I’m not speaking of Sounds Dangerous). For months now, the Disney fan community has been waiting with baited breath for the arrival of Epic Mickey.  For those […]