The Spanish Word for Pirate

Today we have a story in which a young child learns about other cultures.  He also learns about friendship, togetherness, and world peace, but not until EPCOT Center opens.  No, this story takes place way in the past, and the young child is me. Let me ask you a question that I think I know […]

Hidden Jafar Revisited

So last week I posted a picture of the Hidden Jafar at Animal Kingdom, and some of you — including my fellow resident parkeologist Teevtee — doubted its veracity.  To be honest, I don’t blame you.  I have been known to come up with some half baked notions and crazy conspiracy theories from time to […]

Villains in the Mist

  There are good animals and there are bad animals.  Gorillas I think must be bad animals.  For one thing, they stink.  Ever wonder what that smell is at the exit to Kiliminjaro Safari?  Putrid, vomitable gorilla. They are also only marginally cute even as babies, which is tough to do in the animal world.  […]

The Diamond in the Rough

One of my favorite topics is complaining about places at Walt Disney World that I’ve never been able to visit.  Ever since my post about the Catwalk Bar, I have been consumed with jealousy for people more privileged than myself.  I think it’s because when I was a young lad, I once begged for pennies […]

Where in the World is Bing Crosby?

  A fun little diversion today, as we have a guest post from none other than my sister.  I am not joking when I say she is obsessed with Bing Crosby.  Seriously, we’re thinking of having an intervention.  Anyway, enjoy this chronicle of all the references in the parks to Bing.  It’s sort of like […]

Ever Evolving

One of the great things about Disney parks and Walt Disney World in particular is that stuff is always changing.  Even Madonna would have a hard time reinventing herself at this pace. It’s well documented that Walt wanted it this way.  He’s famous for saying that he wanted something he could endlessly tinker with, like […]