The Story of Exploration:

Today we are going to look at the last of the Tokyo Disney Sea Story Cards. Actually I am not sure that these would even technically be considered Story cards. Unlike the previous pieces we looked at all five of these cards are available right out in the open, no need to either ask for […]

The Story Continues…

Earlier this week we took a look at some of the special little touches that abound within the Tokyo Disney Resort. You can find that here. We are going to continue today by looking at the remaining “Story Cards” the resort offers. One major difference between the Japanese and most Western cultures are how they […]

So the Story Goes:

Parkeology is all about having fun and not being too serious.  Afterall this is a blog about theme parks… not really world altering stuff.  But sometimes things are just not fun or funny, sometimes thet are serious and sad. Thousands were trapped within the parks The past week and a half has brought us many […]

Merchandise Mashup

I may not be the biggest fan when it comes to turning Disney theme parks into a shopping mall.  I still miss the days when the shops actually carried unique, one-of-a-kind items.  It was a simpler time, when the experience meant more than spreadsheets, spending trends, and maximizing ROI (which I think stands for “Roy […]

Helium Dreams

Every now and then I’ll run across something straight out of the haunted past of Disney World, before it was overrun with FastPasses, princesses, and those awful parade performance stops.  I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences.  Maybe not with Disney World, but other things from childhood.  Like a familiar smell that triggers a memory of […]