The Raiders of Castillo del Mar

It is with great pleasure (mixed with a healthy dose of empty nest syndrome, chased with a glass of pride) that I finally get to announce something that has been in the works for awhile now.  Justin Bieber is getting a new tattoo. For the legions of Bieber fans that also love funny Disney stuff, […]

Fair Game

Flashback to 1999.  Beloved EPCOT Center attraction Journey Into Imagination has closed to make way for one of the most horrible abominations ever to grace a Disney theme park:  Journey Into YOUR Imagination.  Gone are Figment and Dreamfinder, replaced by everyone’s favorite Monty Python sell-out, Eric Idle.  The ride has been gutted, replaced by sparse […]

Walt Disney World FTW of the Week

No major news in this post, but I just wanted to give a shout out to the young lady who sat across from me on the Jungle Cruise last night (May 21, 2011).  You have my respect for thinking to do this, and my utmost super-respect for walking into Guest Relations to actually follow through. […]

Misadventures Thru Inner Space

Indulge me one final plug for Magic Pursuit, our puzzle quest game through Disney’s Hollywood Studios, happening this Sunday!  You can still register your team!  Now, on with the blog… It’s said that as you get older, you grow wiser.  I think I mostly just grow nostalgic.  I’m not new to the whole Disney thing. […]

Day for Night

Before diving into today’s little rumination, don’t forget about Magic Pursuit this coming Sunday at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!  Register to reserve your spot in a FREE puzzle-quest game created by Kevin Yee (,, John Frost (, and myself ( Now on to strange things that fascinate me … Of all the Disney mountains, Splash […]

Hip to be Square

We love our Huey Lewis references around the Parkeology offices. Anything that would confuse someone under 30 years old is cool by us.    Told you he loved Disney. Shane was freaking out today. First Blogger went down for an extended period of time, then James our (former) map concierge decided it was time to […]