Man in the moon

Disney gets in a rut from time to time. I guess they are like anyone else… sometimes the new ideas are just hard to come by.  Ever been on Universal’s “Earthquake” attraction? There was a ton of stuff going on at the Disney parks in the late 80’s and it all came to a head […]

The Dog Days of Summer

Parkeology is your definitive source for ridiculous lists!  Only here will you find a comprehensive compendium of sea serpentia, Bing Crosby ephemera, and domestic attraction exports. The ironic part is that whenever I try a new list, I invariably leave something off, which causes much embarrassment here at the parkeology offices, and has led to […]

Topiaries: A Countdown to Extinction

  Well, the Flower and Garden Festival has concluded, and Epcot has once again reverted to a botanical wasteland, devoid of any aesthetic value whatsoever. Hideous.  Absolutely hideous. For the next ten months, Disney gardening enthusiasts have nothing to do except ride Living With The Land over and over again, reliving the days when they […]

Figment Resurrected

I ranted recently about the new Journey Into Imagination (recently?  It seems I rant incessantly).  Disney seems to believe that the proper way to assuage upset fans is to take a favorite character, crank up his most annoying personality traits to the nth degree, and bombard visitors with him at every turn. This one goes […]

Set a Course For Adventure:

The fabled Adventurer’s Club at Disney’s Pleasure Island was much loved and many protested loudly when it was shuttered for good. It (like all of Pleasure Island) always felt a bit forced to me. Too much pretending that it was New Year’s Eve (when in fact is was Tuesday November 8th or whatever) and too […]

Your Droids Will Have To Wait Outside

The original Star Tours has been retired for nearly a year now, and by all accounts, the new one is not only even better than the first, it also may be better than the three prequels, the Star Wars Christmas Special, and that silly CGI Max Rebo Band from Return of the Jedi Special Edition. […]