Adventureland Oddities

With Teevtee off galavanting through famed naturalist John Muir’s back yard, I figured I should probably get off my lazy butt and post something good here. But instead I went to Magic Kingdom. It was a nice stroll through the park near sunset, which is probably my favorite time of day to visit (my second […]

Tokyo Disneyland Owns Halloween

This is just a short post to highlight something truly awesome from a Tokyo Disneyland fansite. Apparently Halloween is such a big deal at Tokyo, Disney has to issue rules about what costumes people can wear. They are usually limited to Disney animated characters, or characters from the parks. This site has several pictures of […]

The Curse of the Missing Blog

OK… sometimes you get busy. Sometimes its the summer and it is like 1000 degrees and your brain melts. Sometimes you go three weeks without updating your blog and then you realize how lame you look. Thanks for bearing with our laziness… more to come soon, promise. – The staff of Parkeology Share This Post!FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pin […]

The Curse of the Missing Shakespeare

  William Shakespeare died of unknown causes and was buried 17 feet below the floor of the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon. Legend says that he died on the exact day of his 52nd birthday. According to his epitaph, those who dare move the bones of the great Bard will be cursed for all time. […]

A Brief Patriotic Salute

Special thanks for some of the photos: Shane Shane was raised on a steady diet of EPCOT Center and Kenner action figures. Parkeology is the happy result. He is the creator along with his friend Ted of the WDW47 Challenge and the WDW49 Challenge — featured by such media giants as CNN, ABC, FoxNews, and […]