Stage One Company Store

There’s an old argument among parkeologists about what passes for theming. You can have a themed birthday party, in which kids wear cowboy hats and eat boot-shaped cake and try to lasso the cat. That fits the definition of “theme.” What Disney does is something else, something more story-based (though Imagineering heroes like Marc Davis […]

Hidden Jafar Lives!

Just checking in from my non-stop tracking of all the incredible news breaking loose at the D23 Expo. Apparently we are getting an entirely new section of Fantasyland! And there will be a Seven Dwarfs Mine Car Coaster! And maybe some meet-n-greets or something! Okay, I actually feel a little sad, because there are still […]

A Crack in the Liberty Belle

It has come to my attention that Disney may have been lying to me. It seems that many of the things at the parks have no basis in reality. I mean, besides the wait times listed on that oh-so-helpful tip board (is a little accuracy too much to ask?). Apparently those rifles in Fort Langhorn […]

A guy named Joe…

Joe Rohde has become one of those guys… you know, the handful of Imagineers that have crossed over from being an anonymous hard hat wearing dude in a corner of the park to a niche celebrity. Lets call him a geek star, if you are into Disney then Joe is climbing the ladder of fame […]