The Upside of Avatar

According to a Gallup poll released recently, Avatarland has an approval rating that’s actually worse than the French head of the IMF. Blue Man Group has seen its ticket sales plummet since the announcement. It’s gotten so bad that the church of Scientology released a statement calling it a “patently crazy idea.” I cannot disagree […]

The Problem With Avatar…

See, Disney can keep a secret after all. A bunch of rich white guys announce a way to make money off a bunch of poor blue people. I would guess that they have been scrambling to put this big Avatar deal together for some time, hoping perhaps to have it wrapped up for a big […]

The Costume Store Revisited

Just a quick update to settle the debate about what The Costume Shop actually was. I got a note the other day from Ryan, who runs the fantastic Main Street Gazette site. Here’s some scans he provided of the MGM guidebook for this time period: As you can see, the Costume Shop was essentially Villains […]

Imagine the Possibilities

Everyone has a favorite scene in Pirates of the Caribbean. For 95% of the theme park public, this scene is either Johnny Depp hiding in a barrel or Johnny Depp fondling a dressmaker mannequin. The remaining 5% have a modicum of good taste. We know the classic iconography. The dog with the keys, the wench […]

Echoes of Aulani

I recently got back from a week on Oahu. For those of you that don’t speak Hawaiian, Oahu is an island  whose most famous feature is Pearl Harbor, the site of some obscure bit of American history. If you’ve heard of Pearl Harbor at all, it’s only because Ben Affleck made a movie about it. […]

Going Up.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a great movie. Well, to be more accurate Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a great book that was made into a great movie (re-titled Willy Wonka and Chocolate Factory in an early attempt at product placement) that was then remade into a kind of mediocre movie. Sadly author […]