Gangster Rap

There are certain things I should know by now. Hollywood Studios is, what, 22 years old now? You’d think I have a good understanding of how some of these things work. But sometimes stuff slips by me. Simple stuff. Last Friday, I just noticed something for the first time, and if it weren’t for the […]

The Bird Room

The World of Disney Store is a weird confluence of Disney imagery. Fairy Godmothers paint your daughter up like Miley Cyrus, a giant blue alien spits at you, animatronic pirates rattle their cages, and giant faux chrome characters loom overhead like nightmarish Macy’s Day Parade balloons. Photo by Loren Javier For creepy sculptures, none beats […]

4 Haunting Disney World Smells

My first trip to Walt Disney World was in the early 70s. My family would go every year. We lived in Indiana, so needless to say, we drove (the first airplane was not sighted in Indiana until Reagan’s second term). My childhood was spent marking time between Disney World visits like a prisoner making notches […]