One More Parkeology Day

Parkeology is pleased to announce our entertainment offerings for our once-in-a-lifetime “One More Parkeology Day” event, beginning tomorrow. Our statistics show that most people don’t begin reading Parkeology before nine in the morning. We suspect that this is because most of them are still hung over. However, for tomorrow’s special day, we are making our […]

Apprentices of the Magic Kingdom

As many of the great sites out there have chronicled recently, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom has officially debuted, and attempts to build on the Kim Possible experience at Epcot by doing two things: Ditching a second-rate TV animation star in favor of some heavy hitters from the Disney vault Ditching the expensive smart phone […]

Separated At Birth

If there is one thing we love around the Parkeology campus it’s Oscar time.  Shane really goes all out with the parties and predictions.  Not only does he demand to see every single nominated film (yes, even the foreign shorts) but he also dresses up as the nominated actors (and actresses) characters, one a day […]

Jokes In T-Shirts

I think it’s cool that we’ve gotten to be so comfortable with each other over the years. Like how you don’t mind if I occasionally spend a whole day writing about t-shirts. And in return, I don’t complain about you reading this in sweatpants. I have to say I’m enjoying the trend lately from the […]

Euro Disney

I am not normally a conspiracy theorist when it comes to Disney. I don’t believe any of that stuff about frozen Walt or the Little Mermaid movie poster or pretty much anything beginning with the phrase “According to the research of Marc Eliot.” Collapses in case of hurricane. But I could maybe be persuaded that […]