Storybook Circus Breaks New Ground

When I think back on all the storybooks I read as a kid, it’s clear that they all had one theme in common. Circus. Even the crappy ones my mom bought at the school book fair came in a three-ring binder. I finally had a chance to check out Phase 1 of the Fantasyland Expansion […]

Here There Be Monsters – Magic Kingdom

Every time I go to Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean, I fall in love with the map. You know the one. The soggy guide map crumpled in a corner, with a coke spilled over it, seemingly missed by every cleaning crew since last Thanksgiving, and still promoting Captain EO on the cover. You can actually […]

T-Shirt Correction League Redux

A couple months back, I posted an innocuous little blurb about a new t-shirt being sold at Magic Kingdom (specifically in the Sir Mickey’s shop in Fantasyland). As is the duty of every person who writes something on the internet, this post was intended to mock a large corporation for its fact checking, and to […]