Bicentennial Shirts

I make a habit every now and then of posting the latest cool t-shirts released by Walt Disney World merchandise. They’ve been on a roll lately. Not sure how long this one has been out there, but I encountered it last week at American Adventure in Epcot. I think it’s awesome. A disastrous earlier version […]

The Birthplace of Dreams

As a long-time park fan, it’s always fun for me to watch when first-timers get hit over the head with a classic bit of Disney magic. Some people truly have no idea just how great the parks are, until they round the corner and see the Tree of Life for the first time in all […]

Keeping It Under Their Hat.

(Please see update at the end of the post… thanks. All photos may be clicked on to enlarge) Great news! Disney really seems to be on a roll lately. The big surprise announcement of an Avatar themed addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom was met with overwhelming support and anticipation. In the Magic Kingdom the new […]