World of Motion’s Grand Staircase

In 1982, every Future World pavilion was a like a Kardashian: Simple in mind, and possessing its own bold, unique shape. Every design was a carefully considered echo of its pavilion theme. Shells for the Living Seas. The Wheel for World of Motion. Male Pattern Baldness for Wonders of Life. Then, around 1994, Innoventions arrived […]

Haunted Mansion View-Master 3D

It’s hard to believe there have now been three new Batman movies. I still feel like the third Batman movie is the one with Jim Carrey. How could that possibly have been 17 years ago? There are NBA players who are barely older than that. At least The Dark Knight Rises┬áis not being released in […]

Fun and Games from the Disney Fanbase

The last few weeks have been vacation weeks here at Parkeology, as Teevtee and I have been trading off on different exotic locales. The only difference is, he gets to do things like go to Tokyo Disneyland or take a Disney Cruise, while I am basically just staying at home riding Star Tours over and […]

Nuggets of Theme Park Wisdom

I have recently discovered something truly incredible in the food world. It is called Dino Nuggets. I’m sure you have heard of these. Especially if you have kids. They are chicken nuggets, shaped like dinosaurs. That’s their entire marketing hook. I’m sure they have been around for years, but I don’t have kids, so I […]

Top Secret T-Shirts

I tend to bring up theme park t-shirts a lot. Maybe because it’s one of the few bits of merchandise that seems to change regularly. And generally, I like the direction they’re going. Remember back in the late 90s/early00s, when every t-shirt was just some variation of the Fab Five, and maybe the year in […]