Alien Encounter Action Figures

Since we’re on the subject of Alien Encounter, I want to share some pictures with you of my toys. Because that statement didn’t sound creepy at all. Did you know that back in its heyday, Disney marketed a line of action figures based exclusively around this attraction? And there were some pretty good ones! I […]

This Post Is Not Scary Enough

I’ve been away for awhile. Disneyland and Christmas ate up all my time. It is a tough life being me. But as the new year approacheth and my grammar regresseth into King James dialects, I find myself misty eyed with reflection and possibly a cat hair that has fallen onto my contact lens. It’s hard […]

You Can Learn A Lot From a Dummy

I suppose this is a sad week. After 15 years, we finally say goodbye to Test Track, the “first Epcot thrill ride” if you pretend Body Wars didn’t exist. It ushered in a new era of awesomeness that finally pushed Epcot past those pesky elaborate animatronic epics.¬†Test Track 2.0 may rock a sleek, Tron-esque look […]