Awesome Park Merchandise – March 2013

One of the things I like to do from time to time is just provide pictures of various merchandise items I come across while visiting the parks. These usually take the form of clever t-shirts. Today, I’d like to branch away from that, by starting with more clever t-shirts, but ending with two other really […]

Lending a Helping Hand

In 2011 shortly after the tsunami struck Japan and created an unprecedented series of tragic events we posted a tribute of sorts to the Tokyo Disney resort, you can read it here: About a year ago (one year after the tsunami) we were back in Tokyo and were thrilled to find it every bit […]

The Luscious Lavish Lawn Mower Tree

Long ago, when I was just a boy, my family brought us to Fort Wilderness. Not to camp, of course. We weren’t paying $20 for a camp site. Not when we had a van, and there were plenty of empty parking lots. I have fragmented memories of this visit. I’m pretty sure it involved a […]

6 Crazy Niche Markets Discovered by Disney

Lots of companies are good at reinforcing the necessity of their products (posted from my iPhone). But only Disney can discover the craziest niche markets and then sell the heck out of it to a captive audience. It seems to have exploded in the last 15 years. Weird stuff that nobody ever thought worthy of […]