Railroad Torso Boy

I do not often expect to be confronted with the truly weird when visiting Walt Disney World. Maybe if it was the actual Museum of the Weird. But when I’m just perusing Main Street or the Art of Disney, my guard is not up. I’m still traumatized by the Kid with the Unhinged Jaw on New York […]

Ruins of the Sunset Ranch Market

When I first started Parkeology almost 4 years ago, it was intended to be a place to talk about the truly hidden aspects of Walt Disney World. The “archeology” link in the name was intentional. The ruins of theme park history lay scattered throughout the property, and I would spend hours wandering past shuttered buildings, […]

Advance Screening of My Magic Plus

A few weeks back I posted some screens that had appeared in the Expedition Everest queue. A reader comment subsequently blew my mind with the information that not only is Wilby Daniels a Dean Jones character, but every single name on all the different posters seemed to be a different Dean Jones character from a […]

Where the Merchandise Dances for YOU

It is Christmastime again. The lights are strung, the stockings are hung, and giant bedecked evergreens have appeared out of nowhere in the central plazas of the theme parks. In the tantalizing shop windows along Hollywood Boulevard, the Dancing Minnie Globe Ornament Rockettes have reappeared. O Dancing Minnie Globe Ornament Rockettes, why do you mesmerize […]