The Return of the Classic Theme Park Musical

One of the coolest things about the Internet is in finding the strange and varied ways in which material can be recycled and combined. It’s a periodic table of memes, with new ones being discovered every day. In-Jokes have gone multi-level. There are mysteries wrapped up in riddles inside an enigma. And if you’re like me, you have to say that while sputtering like Joe Pesci.

Case in point: Communicore Weekly the Musical.

The Five Legged Goat as you've never seen him before!

The Five Legged Goat as you’ve never seen him before!

We’re big fans of these guys. Their podcast is wicked smart, full of the best kinds of Disney details, and delightfully silly. Music has always been a big part of the show. Every segment has a theme song. But for their season finale, they pulled out all the stops and produced a full-fledged musical version of the show, available wherever fine musical programs are sold (such as here).

I don’t think anyone has ever done anything like this before with a fan series. The format strays into straight-up fiction, and takes place hundreds of years into the future, where Jeff and George (which always makes me think of beleaguered quarterback Jeff George) are historical figures of major importance (which they are anyway), all thanks to Communicore Weekly. And there are two guys who play two actors who are playing Jeff and George being interviewed about the success of Communicore Weekly. And then Michael Eisner shows up and all hell breaks loose.

I mean, we’re talking serious meta-stuff here. And it’s all backed by a full-on rock opera musical with the host trying to keep things together. I half expected Jeff, George, and Eisner to join Katniss Everdeen in some kind of futuristic battle arena where only one could be left standing (my money’s on George – that guy is sneaky). Also I may be mistaken about the definition of rock opera, but it sounds good regardless.

It really does feature a full coterie of songs to go with the storyline. My favorite happened to be the one about the squirrels, but they’re all really good. By the time Disney legends Rolly Crump and Bob Gurr show up for surprise cameos, things really kick into high gear.

I wanted to give this thing a shout out, because it’s so different from the usual type of theme park fanboy stuff that we get, and it’s a bold experiment for an online show. It may be a little inscrutable for those of you who haven’t heard the Communicore Weekly show before, but I highly recommend you check them out. They do awesome work.


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