Team Parkeology Media Blitz!

Thanksgiving is of course a wonderful time to give thanks and celebrate all the good things that have happened in the past year. Around Parkeology nothing has been bigger than the first ever successful running of WDW46.  We have been taken aback by all the coverage we have received; from articles in the Orlando Sentinel and […]

WDW46: The Trailer

What a week. Not only did we complete WDW46 but also we have been featured in the Orlando Sentinel and the Orlando CBS station.  Then things got really crazy: the New York Daily News has interviewed us and CNN and local stations have picked up the story across the country. There may be some even […]

WDW46: Redemption City

I should have known what was in store when Ted’s flight from Chicago was delayed by electrical problems. WDW46 was still 18 hours away and already we were falling behind. The planning for WDW46 began almost within days of completing WDW47 in the summer of 2013. We ended that run with 48 rides — 45 of them […]

Coming Soon

Not a post as much as a notice- We are beat and have a lot to do in our normal not running around theme parks like idiots victorious studs lives. But there is more to come regarding WDW46; a lot more. So stay tuned and hold on tight, WDW46 has just begun!

Paper Paper; get your paper here!

We are 24 hours away from WDW46; the countdown has begun. Ted is en route to Orlando, Shane is scouting the parks and planning for all possible mishaps and all systems are go. For nearly 17 months the gears have been churning as the Parkeology machine marches towards inevitable victory. For us theme park geeks […]

Two Days Until WDW46

Today we continue on with our series on the best animated film park tie-ins. We have some all-time classics on the list here. Fox and the Hound, Black Cauldron, Oliver and Company. These films not only– Ah forget it, we can wrap up that series later. We want to keep the momentum building for WDW46, […]