50 Greatest Park Characters: Scene Stealing Sidekicks

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When it comes to the trading card set of the 50 Greatest Park Characters, the designers were careful to include not just attraction headliners, but also the sidekicks who always manage to steal the show.

The five cards in this week’s pack are certainly worthy of inclusion. It doesn’t matter that their names are not on the billboard. These guys upstage practically everyone who performs with them.

For proof, look no further than…


Waldo is a unique theme park creation. I mean literally. Dr. Honeydew creates him as part of Muppet Vision 3-D. He’s the only non-puppet performer, but when it comes to cheap 3-D tricks, even Fozzie Bear can’t match the awesomeness of Waldo’s runny nose.

Waldo can morph into anything — even corporate symbol Mickey Mouse. He’s so untouchable, you couldn’t hit him with a … CANNON?! Hey everybody, he’s got a cannon!!!


Anyway, you know the drill. Waldo holds his own with the Muppets, and that’s saying something.

And speaking of going toe to toe with beloved characters famous for funny voices and weird haircuts, how about the guy who manages to swipe the Best Actor trophy away from Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean?


Before everyone thought the ride was based on the movie, the Auctioneer had the most commanding presence on the Caribbean stage. In fact, he still does. This is the one guy who looks like he’s in charge. With his polished speech and Timothy Dalton chin, he’s a top-notch salesman not afraid to swindle his own shipmates out of a few gold pieces, even with suspect merchandise.


It helps that he’s teamed up with the Redhead, who appeared earlier on our list. Two of the Greatest Park Characters of all time sharing the stage. It’s like Glengarry Glen Ross, only with Pirates.

The next three characters fall solely in the realm of comic relief. Hooter (or PFC Hooter, as he is known in this tell-all biography), is a perfect example.


Captain EO may have a great smile and some funny costumes, but Hooter is the physical comedy genius of this ragtag band. He’s Buster Keaton, Harpo Marx, and Babar the Elephant rolled into one.


What other character in the Disney theme park pantheon can get away with eating a map, wearing a trash can as a disguise, and nearly ruining someone’s trip?

Okay, you got me there

Okay, you got me there

Next up we have one of my personal favorites, a guy who made me laugh the minute I heard him back in 1989, and kept me going through his entire preshow. For years, I swore he was voiced by Robin Williams (it’s actually Corey Burton).


General Knowledge skewers everything from army drill sergeants to Ernest P. Worrell (hey, it was the 80s). There are the obligatory chicken jokes, and even a shot at Walt Disney World. He mainly commands the preshow, but he also pops up from time to time during the Cranium Command main show as well, threatening Buzzy with one of those ridiculous chickens (“Brrrawk! I don’t need a brain! I’m going into politics! Brrawk!”).


Now for the last guy in this week’s deck. He’s the fan favorite — the Country Bear with the worse singing voice, the most disturbing song choice, and the highest BAC reading this side of Grizzly Gulch.


Of course Big Al made the list! Do you think the guys who came up with this deck (whoever they are) are stupid? Everyone loves Big Al. You sing his song all the time (admit it, you know you do).


And when you think about it, the guy is a nut case. Think about that cowboy. Just think about it! Why is there so much blood??? Big Al is a killer, no doubt about it. Anybody who shows up for the Christmas show wearing a diaper like the New Year’s baby is not somebody you want to tangle with.

Tune in next week when Ted unveils 5 more characters. Only 15 left!



Crowds cram into a small courtyard. The tension is as thick as the air on a hot and humid Florida morning. Tempers flair. An uneasy balance of civility could easily slide into mass chaos at any moment.

Something is amiss, boiling points are being reached and red-faced protesters are eager to let loose their ire. A collective uproar has been corked in for far too long; no longer able to placate the suddenly boisterous masses officials scurry into damage control mode. Things could get ugly and heads will roll. It’s a very serious situation and those in charge likely had no idea what giant they were awakening when they started down the path that led us here.


yea… we have used this image before… but if its new to you you really need to click here

The dragon has been unleashed.

We all deal with daily struggles and we each have our personal convictions so it is rare to have such a unifying outcry of passion, dismay and concern from such a divergent group spanning such a broad cross section of the public. Yet with matters this grave even the most passive souls find their convictions and confront their keepers. We are mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more…

We sat idle when we went to war, we did nothing when our taxes were hiked, and we were silent when our freedoms were stripped away but we will sit idle no more! How DARE THEY remove Figment, our beloved purple avatar representing childhood whimsy and delight from Epcot? NOW YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR!


Do whatever you want but do NOT mess with Figment

OK, so in the scheme of world affairs, or really in the scheme of pretty much anything else, removing a cartoon dragon from an aging theme park attraction ranks pretty low on the scale of things to be concerned with. Yet that decision made sometime in the late 90’s by potentially clueless Disney executives caused quite a stir among the Disney’s faithful. Those who live and breathe the parks and grew up with fond memories of Figment’s catchy theme song could not imagine a world without him. Petitions were signed, web sites were created and then CEO Michael Eisner was directly confronted about such matters during the open mike session of the annual stockholders meeting. Clearly Disney made a PR misstep and in a rare concession to fans added Figment back into the ride (more on that later).

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most. Over the years Disney fans have reacted (perhaps over reacted?) to changes made to the parks and have caused all matter of trouble for those operating them. With the creation of social media reaction to even the smallest of changes is swift and widespread. People don’t like change, especially when it revolves around beloved child-hood memories.

These uprisings tend to occur when a much loved (and often original) attraction is removed or altered for what is perceived as an inferior replacement. They also tend to be fairly recent as it is just in the last 20 years or so that the Internet has made these concerns blossom from small local outcries to worldwide fan hysteria.

Plus we admit it; Parkeology.com has been slow this summer. We should be writing more.Or we can be lazy and simply stretch a longer post out over several days.

With that said we are kicking off a series searching through the Top Ten Disney Theme Park Controversies (or T.T.D.T.P.C. if you like useless acronyms). One new entry a day for the next 2 weeks or so.

Finding an actual order is tough, at the top of the list they all created quite a stir, but lets kick things off with a seemingly great idea (if you are CEO of a fortune 500 company):

10) Mickey meet Ronald.

Back in 1997 Disney started a 10-year agreement with McDonald’s to sell the fast food giant’s offerings on property at Disney resorts and even within the parks. It seemed like a powerhouse combo with both companies dominating their respective fields and both having a longstanding family friendly image. However as with most things Disney related some fans thought differently. They did not take kindly to the idea of Ronald McDonald gallivanting around hand in hand with Mickey Mouse. No one wanted to see Grimace take up residency in Fantasyland or Mayor McCheese lord over the Magic Kingdom.


it was mostly just stuff like this… nice wheel BTW Disney.

Ultimately the initial fan reaction was overblown. In reality McDonald’s had a fairly small presence limited mainly to one small location in each park selling McDonald’s fries and sometimes McNuggets. When Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened in 1998 McDonald’s had not only a fry location (the pun-rific Petrifires) but also a somewhat expanded menu at the largest restaurant in the park the Restaurantosaurus (they were really reaching for names back then). McDonald’s logos were not all that prominent on the food locations limited to discreet locations and small sizes. However McDonald’s also sponsored the major thrill ride at the park then named “Countdown to Extinction” later pointlessly renamed to the much more obvious “Dinosaur” (which today with it’s namesake movie long forgotten just seems idiotic). As it’s sponsor a McDonald’s logo was a prominent part of the attraction marquee for many years.


The logo remianed small even when the name was changed

Two full menu locations were opened on property but not in the parks. One near the All-Stars resorts )featuring a hideous mash-up of McDonald’s characters along the exterior) should of raised fan concerns based on nothing more than the eyesore it caused. The other was located at Downtown Disney. Today only the All-Stars location remains and fortunately was remodeled in 2009 to become a modern and almost sleek rendition of the chain’s brand.


This was the Down Town Disney location… the nicer of the two full service locations. Photo courtesy of yesterland.com

McDonald;s agreement ended in 2008 and they are no longer present in the parks. Today we are seeing a similar outcry as Starbuck’s continues to roll out into the parks and resorts. Again they are being done in a low-key and fairly tasteful manner and fans have grown to accept it. Of course the Disney parks have a very long history of corporate sponsors including food and beverage sponsors dating back to the very opening of Disneyland in 1955. Perhaps this was a controversy that never should have been?


Many fans did not appreciate being invaded

With time we forget the concern and even outrage than was present at the time of this and most of the other events on our list. Nevertheless there was fear that somehow McDonald’s would cheapen the Disney image. Fans seldom like to see outside interests infiltrate the parks… something we will see again in future entries.

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In the meantime do you remember when McDonald’s invaded the Magic Kingdom?



Keeping It Under Their Hat.

(Please see update at the end of the post… thanks. All photos may be clicked on to enlarge)

Great news!

Disney really seems to be on a roll lately. The big surprise announcement of an Avatar themed addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom was met with overwhelming support and anticipation. In the Magic Kingdom the new Fantasyland expansion has started to open and has already brought many surprises and great delight to impressed fans. Meanwhile out in California the massive do-over at Disney’s California Adventure is nearing it’s completion.

Rabid Disneyland fans have been enjoying additions such as World of Color and The Little Mermaid attraction for the past year and now even more exciting news is upon us.

Not content with the huge Cars Land addition and the reinvention of the entrance area into period specific Buena Vista Street Walt Disney Imagineering has now announced the “Hat of Dreams” project.

Given the green light by Tom Staggs and put into an accelerated schedule the Hat of Dreams is expected to open up this June along with the rest of the revamped park.

Mystery Imagineer helped DCA reinvent itself with great care.
(Name redacted at request of WDI), Senior Show Producer, Walt Disney Imagineering, has been working on the Buena Vista project for the past five years and is especially excited about the Hat of Dreams. We were lucky enough to snag an exclusive interview with her at the recent press event for the big announcement:

Parkeology: Can you give us an overview of the changes at DCA?

(Name redacted at request of WDI): The expansion of Disney’s California Adventure was designed as a series of projects opening over a five-year period from when it was first announced in fall 2007. In 2008 we opened Toy Story Mania!, a 4-D interactive attraction. In 2009 we re-imagined much the Boardwalk in the Paradise Pier area of the park. In 2010 we unveiled the spectacular World of Color nighttime extravaganza and in 2011 both The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Undersea Adventure and Goofy’s Sky School opened to great success.

This year the expansion will culminate with two exciting projects – a 12-acre expansion of the Park called Cars Land where we will bring the town of Radiator Springs from the popular Disney·Pixar film “Cars” to life for the first time in a theme park experience.

We are also creating a new main entranceway and front area called Buena Vista Street, designed to resemble Los Angeles, as Walt Disney would have experienced it in the 1920s and 1930s. We’re bringing back the Red Car Trolleys and most importantly an incredible replica of the historic Carthay Circle Theater.

Disney’s original rendering of the Carthay Circle Theater shows some of the
great detail and care being put into this project.
Can you tell us a little bit more about the Carthay Circle Theater?

This was the theater where Snow White premiered in 1937 so it really holds a special place in the hearts of everyone who works at WDI. In many ways it was the starting place of something big, something special and so we felt the need and had a deep desire to represent and respect that heritage.

The Beautiful original theater holds a special and respected place in the heart of the Walt Disney Company.
How did you recreate such a meaningful and special place?

Very Carefully! (Laughs)

There is a quiet dignity to the theater, we knew that we must honor and respect that. We took great care exhaustively researching every detail about the theater. What you will see on opening day is the result of hundreds of people spending thousands of hours to collectively make this a stunning statement not only about the history of our company but also about what Walt Disney Imagineering can do today.

We hand made every single tile, every single sign in fact every single fixture of any sort was hand made with great skill to match the original exactly. Furthermore we used the original plans to build our theater so it is an exact duplicate even under the surface and it is stunning.

However we did not stop there, we actually tracked down the great great grandson of the original construction foreman and hired him to lead the construction on our project as well!

Hand crafted details were poured into the new project, even hand forged nails.
Wow, the great great grandson of the man who led construction on the original theater?

That’s right, the very same gene pool!

Bradly Pendleton was the construction foreman on the project; 100% total authenticity.
And he also happens to be in the construction business?

No, he is the tennis pro at a small country club in Encino but we found him and then let him lead us. We are that dedicated to perfection and authenticity here.

We hand forged every nail using period specific methods; we took paint samples from the original theater and not only matched the colors but also the original manufacturer as well. We hand wove the carpets using Tibetan artisans from the same village that created the red carpets for Snow White’s Premiere. We found a warehouse that still had old stock of roof tiles from the original theater when it was built in 1926. We purchased those at a cost of roughly 50 times what it would be to make them new, even knowing that they are old and brittle and likely will not meet modern building codes, but we are that committed to doing this as authentically as possible.

I have not slept more than 3 hours a night for the past 2 and half years, I stay up pouring over every photograph, rendering and model of the original theater that we can find. Our team is 100% committed to making our version of the Carthay Circle Theater the most jaw dropping, magnificent, beautiful and accurate building that the Walt Disney Company has every produced bar none.

We are all very aware that the original Disney’s California Adventure was considered a let down and a disappointment and a “pile of crap” by many of our fans and therefore we are determined not to make those mistakes again!

Expert craftspeople at work hand weaving the rugs for the theater.
So how does the Hat of Dreams project fit in?

Fans of the Disney Company know about how Walt would motivate all those around him to do the absolute best work they possibly could, he would often add to projects even at the last minute in a desire to “plus” the experience for the guest. Creating the best guest experience was paramount to Walt. It was never about marketing or sales, or anything else, only about creating the best park going experience and we are embracing that attitude.

Earlier this year Tom Staggs, Chairman, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, came to us with a challenge. He said he wanted more. Even though our Carthay Circle Theater is spectacular, a beautiful and wonderful recreation, authentic in every detail and a majestic new icon to the park Tom still wanted to push us to plus the experience even more. We gathered our team and hunkered down with the full resources of the Walt Disney Company at our disposal. We were given cart blanche to do anything we wanted with the only goal being to surpass all possible expectations.

And the result of this unprecedented missive was a big hat?

YES! A stunningly large hat that we are calling “The Hat of Dreams”. It is located directly in front of the Carthay Circle Theater and though it does slightly obscure the theater we feel that this is exactly what our guests want, what they demand from us and the type of product we have been consistently delivering for the past 15 years or so.

The Hat of Dreams as it will be seen in front of the Carthay Circle Theater.
Please click on all the photos to see them full sized and in more detail.
Is the hat themed in any way?

The theme is “magic” or maybe it is “fun” I’m not really sure. But we crafted a whole story behind it to enhance the guest experience. The story goes that Mickey Mouse fell asleep one day because he was so tired having traveled with Walt all the way out to California. So he falls asleep and dreams that he is a giant mouse, can you imagine such a thing! So this giant Mickey Mouse visits Disneyland and has so much fun that he needs to rest so he lays down in this area near the park to take a nap and then he wakes up…

And his giant hat is still there…

YES! A giant hat! We are all so very excited about this. Mickey wakes up and is normal mouse size but the giant hat is still here and therefore maybe it was a dream or maybe it was real… who knows! It is sort of like the movie “Inception”.

Um, I’m not sure where to start with this. If this was in 1920s or 1930s as you said was the time-period for the new area then Disneyland did not exist yet. Forget about it. Are you at all concerned that your work on the theater will be diminished with the addition of a huge metal novelty hat?

Not just metal! That baby is going to light up like Christmas! We have thousands of yards of twinkly lights and neon jammed in there as well, plus lasers out the wazoo, it’s quite a sight to behold. And also to hear; we have over 50,000 watts of audio power blasting out techno dance mixes of famous Disney songs by some of our stars such as Miley Cyrus. We really want to have a hip edgy feel to it. As Imagineers we learn that we must be flexible, we must adapt and change and so this is a reaction to what our guests tell us they want.

Quiet Dignity
What have they told you they want? 

Pins, Lots and lots of pins and pin purchasing opportunities! When we reviewed the Disney California Adventure experience we realized that our guests wanted more opportunities to purchase things. We were not providing a strong enough retail experience and so the hat will actually house a pin trading and purchasing opportunity… but mostly for purchasing. This is a great example of how we have answered the original criticism of DCA head on! 

Disney sweet heart Miley Cyrus and others have contributed to the new
sound track for the Hat of Dreams Dance Party
Was there any apprehension about building a large cartoon hat / dance club / light show / pin store in an area otherwise so delicately themed and tied to a specific time period? 

Nah…. we don’t think people notice that kind if thing too much so we don’t sweat it. Just look at this rendering… that hat is awesome! We believe that Walt would have loved a hat like that! Plus Harry Potter is like SUPER popular these days isn’t he? I think he wears some sort of crazy wizard hat just like this; in fact I am pretty sure that’s where we got the idea.

Didn’t the inspiration come from Fantasia?

Fanta-what’s that now?

This scale model shown at the press event reveals the carefully thought out
relationship between the hat and the theater.
Never mind… Hasn’t Disney already done something similar to this at Disney-MGM Studios (now Disney’s Hollywood Studios) in Florida? 

I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with that park you mentioned, is it new?

Thank you very much for your time and we look forward to seeing what type of reaction the Hat of Dreams gets you… good luck with that. 

Thank you as well and keep a sharp eye on the look out for more magical surprises yet to come!


Yes, we were really contacted by WDI and asked to remove the names of any real life Imagineers.  

To be clear (and really stating the absurdly obvious here…) this entire post (except this little last part) is an April Fools joke… there is no big hat in DCA (sadly there really is one in Disney’s Hollywood Studios) and we appreciate the sense of humor of WDI.  

You will not find bigger fans of WDI than those around the Parkeology offices.  We do not know the Imagineer who was previously quoted here and she had nothing whatsoever to do with the article. We are however looking forward to seeing her actual work at DCA this June.