The Parkeology WDW46 Challenge

Introducing the Parkeology WDW46 Challenge: One Day, Every Ride.

Parkeology created the WDW46 Challenge of riding every ride at Walt Disney World Resort in a single operating day. You can read all the details here and watch the video below:

We successfully completed this challenge in November 2014, resulting in international media coverage from various news and travel organizations:

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After we invented and completed the Parkeology WDW46 challenge, we received interest from fellow park fans across the world who wanted to try it themselves. Parkeology now encourages others to follow in our footsteps to see if you too can complete the Parkeology WDW46 challenge.

What follows is the list of official attempts to date. If you’d like some info on how to get your own attempt included, click here.

Completed Date Team Operating Hours Summary
November 8, 2014 Parkeology 17 The first official success provides a roadmap for subsequent runs. The master plan withstands operational and weather setbacks, including four ride closures, rain and relatively short operating hours.
November 22, 2014 disneyinaday 18 Mostly following the tried-and-true original run, the team survives a harrowing closure of the Liberty Square Riverboat and completes WDW46 just under the wire. (Note: at one point the team separated, leaving one of the four teammates to complete the challenge).
didnotfinish_icon November 23, 2014 MattStephan15 18 An attempt at a solo run goes awry. An early closure and long wait times result in too many setbacks, and finally runs out of time at Epcot.
didnotfinish_icon December 20, 2014 ThemeParkathon 20 The unexpected closure of the Main Street Vehicles aborts the run. The team vows to try again.
didnotfinish_icon December 20, 2014 WDWlivestream 20 The closure of the Main Street Vehicles disrupts the run. The team soldiers on, but by mid-day decides to try for a different date, in order to complete the challenge.
didnotfinish_icon December 21, 2014 WDWlivestream 20 The team enters Epcot in the evening with a mathematical shot at completion, only to have weather shut down Test Track.
didnotfinish_icon December 29, 2014 the3Mouskateers 20 Battling holiday crowds, the team comes up just short at Hollywood Studios, missing Rock n Roller Coaster by a few minutes.
didnotfinish_icon January 3, 2015 Mauricio 20 An hour-long closure of Dinosaur disrupts the run and the team is unable to finish.
didnotfinish_icon January 31, 2015 GooberMonkey78 and MealsAndMiles 20 Kali River Rapids is down for rehab and Jungle Cruise closes early, but the duo completes a full day in the parks, hitting their stated goal of 44, in spite of a last minute evacuation from Space Mountain in the waning hours.
March 7, 2015 forthebelleofit 20 A perfectly chosen day with long hours, clear skies and light crowds led to a well-planned run. A late night closure of Space Mountain put success in doubt, but the team stayed strong and WDW46 was completed for only the third time.
didnotfinish_icon March 11, 2015 mouse_madness 20 After a strong start the team eventually realized that there would not be enough time to complete the challenge and forfeited the attempt.
didnotfinish_icon March 14, 2015 WDWMountaineers (formerly WDWlivestream) 20 With perfect weather and lighter than expected  crowds the team got off to a great start for their attempt at WDW46. Unfortunately an unexpected turn at EPCOT led to an unplanned park hop and they fell two rides short.
 didnotfinish_icon March 17, 2015 StarCommand46 20 A unique EPCOT start looked promising and the weather was great; however a time crunch later in the day resulted in missing the Energy Pavilion by a few minutes that ended this solo attempt.
didnotfinish_icon March 19, 2015 disneyinaday 18 A unique 7am start time kicks off a decent start at Magic Kingdom, but the team runs into trouble at Hollywood Studios, where crowds force them to bail to Animal Kingdom for the afternoon. A huge Safari line and a break-down of Dinosaur eventually costs them the park, and the team retires early from the run.
 didnotfinish_icon March 21, 2015 HowieCal 18 An advantageous early opening of key Magic Kingdom attractions allowed this solo run to get off to a solid start. Epcot went well but crowds at Animal Kingdom led to a time crunch. Another break down of Dinosaur ultimately proved too much to overcome.
March 28, 2015  and scooter627 20 The team takes full advantage of a great day of cool weather, en route to a strong start. There is a moment of drama when Tower of Terror posts a 170 minute wait. But it proves to be only 40 minutes, allowing the team to finish up at Magic Kingdom, hopping into line for ride 46 (Seven Dwarfs Mine Train) just before close. They also become the first team with 100% ride uptime (no breakdowns).
didnotfinish_icon April 10, 2015 SummersAtDisney 20 The team (featuring our youngest challenger yet at 12 years old) got off to a good start with a sound plan. They quickly worked through the parks entering the Magic Kingdom with time to finish, however the closures of both Splash Mountain and The Seven Dwarves Mine Train ultimately led to an incomplete run, missing by only one ride.
  April 11, 2015 TeamTink411 20 Our largest team to date (four members) had a solid plan and made good use of long park hours. A closure of Test Track caused the team to exit Epcot earlier than planned but they had time to return and pick it up later in the day. Back in the Magic Kingdom the team cruised to a victorious run.
  April 11, 2015 jnnelson79 20 Along with TeamTink411, Team jnnelson79 became one of two teams to complete WDW46 on the same day. Late day rain and a brief shut down of Seven Dwarves Mine Train were minor inconveniences in an otherwise solid completion, finishing with time to spare. The team was also the first to finish on a 20-hour day.
 didnotfinish_icon May 9, 2015 jacksdaddio and MamaKrissyB 20 The team had a solid start and was making good time throughout the day. But having missed the Walt Disney World Railroad in the morning, they found it closed upon their return to the Magic Kingdom. With no hope of completing all 46 rides, they aborted the attempt.
 didnotfinish_icon May 9, 2015 scottkumka 20 The team decided to start at the Magic Kingdom and despite running at a good pace were unable to make up for the loss of time in the morning. They completed Animal Kingdom and Epcot but could not complete Disney’s Hollywood Studios before time ran out.
  May 9, 2015 Seminoleselite 20 Taking it down to the the very last minute, this husband and wife team successfully completed WDW46, stepping in line for the last ride of the night (Speedway) moments before close. Seminoleselite was the only one of four teams to complete the challenge on this day.
 didnotfinish_icon May 9, 2015 reach4thesky46 20 The team of three knocked off several big rides right from the start and was on a good pace. Animal Kingdom presented a few small challenges and eventually time drifted away from them. The trio finished three parks and ended the night with a solid 41 rides completed.
didnotfinish_icon May 29,
Parkeology 20 The Rock-N-Roller Coaster failed to open and never became operational at any point in the day. With no further explanation given, WDW46 became impossible on this day.
didnotfinish_icon June 6, 2015 schmoesisters 20 The team had a good start at DHS and had great FP luck while working through the parks. They returned to DHS in the evening to find that the Great Movie Ride had closed earlier than they expected thus putting an end to the run.
didnotfinish_icon October 10, 2015 coleman_hedden 20 The team does a nice job on a short 16 hour day, but are stopped short by two unfortunate closures on Toy Story Mania and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, as well as the refurbishment of Primeval Whirl.
November 26, 2015 Team Rao 20 The team begins Thanksgiving Day with a strong campaign through Hollywood Studios. The rest of the run is methodical, and the team is able to complete all 46 rides with a few minutes to spare. *A technical glitch with Disney’s FastPass Plus system allowed the team to procure a FastPass for Soarin’ outside of normal FastPass Plus parameters and WDW46 rules.
didnotfinish_icon December 2, 2015 HowieCal 20 For his second attempt at WDW46 our challenger elects to forego the early hour at Animal Kingdom and concentrates on the Magic Kingdom, knocking out all 3 mountains in quick order. After finishing the other 3 parks, he falls just short at the Magic Kingdom, with Peter Pan still left on the table.
December 2, 2015 Furlano 20 As one of the first teams to begin a run at Animal Kingdom, the team knocks off Dinoland rides, then proceeds to the rest of the parks. Very light crowds pave the way for a shot at victory. The team actually tosses away an unneeded FastPass for Tower of Terror. They hop into line for ride 46 moments before park close. This father/son duo also has the youngest competitor to complete the challenge at age 13.
December 2, 2015 jacksdaddio 20 The first solo runner to complete the challenge took advantage of extremely light crowds, including an empty Test Track during late afternoon. His finish was never in doubt, as he got in line for ride 46 with plenty of time to spare. After the usual wait for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train he was the first of two teams to complete on this date.
didnotfinish_icon December 5, 2015 kayla_baugus 20 An early start at the Magic Kingdom helps the team knock off several major rides before moving on to Animal Kingdom. They are able to complete that park and Epcot, but run out of time at Hollywood Studios, missing Great Movie Ride before the park closes.
didnotfinish_icon December 14, 2015 violinjane88 20 The first female solo competitor starts the day at Hollywood Studios before hopping to Magic Kingdom. Time gets away at Epcot, and she is forced to hop to Animal Kingdom, where she just misses the Wildlife Express.
didnotfinish_icon December 16, 2015 Matthewtrask 20 The team maintains a good pace throughout the morning and early afternoon, finishing off Studios and Animal Kingdom. The run comes to an end at Epcot when an invalid FastPass is inadvertently used for Soarin’.
didnotfinish_icon December 16, 2015 Raderman 20 The team moves quickly through the Magic Kingdom headliners in the morning, polishes off Studios with FastPass, and handles Animal Kingdom with no trouble. The team is forced to split the Epcot leg due to time constraints. They return to Magic Kingdom at night, only to find Pirates closed for the day with technical difficulties and the run comes to an abrupt end.
 didnotfinish_icon December 23, 2015 WDWMountaineers 20 A unique start saw the team visit three parks within the opening 2 hours of the day. Crowds overcame them at Disney Hollywood Studios and the team’s fourth attempt at WDW46 came to an abrupt halt.
didnotfinish_icon December 27, 2015 tamato22 20 This brother and sister team cleared Animal Kingdom in the morning. They then hit strategic attractions at Magic Kingdom before moving on to Disney Hollywood Studios. Time eventually caught up to them at Epcot. The team returned to the Magic Kingdom with three parks completed and ended their run with 38 total rides.
didnotfinish_icon March 16, 2016 mouse_madness 20 The team cleared critical morning rides at Magic Kingdom before hopping to Animal Kingdom in the afternoon. They cleared the park, but run into trouble at Epcot where the run came to an end.
didnotfinish_icon March 16, 2016 The DreamEars 20 This team of 2 cleared morning rides at Magic Kingdom and then hopped to Animal Kingdom, which they also cleared. However, Epcot took too much time, leaving no time to complete Hollywood Studios before closing.

How to Receive Official Parkeology Recognition

If you’d like to attempt the challenge yourself, please drop us a line to register. We will need to know the date of your attempt and who will be attempting it. You will need to be on Twitter and tweet pictures throughout the day so we can follow your progress.

The Objective

You must ride all 46 official rides in a single operating day.

The WDW46 Challenge is all-or-nothing. If you miss a ride because of a breakdown, early closure, or even scheduled refurbishment, it is a non-completion. Substitution rides are not allowed.

All rides must be ridden on a single operating day. The day begins at the earliest posted opening time for any park, and ends with the latest posted closing time. Park hours will vary. If a park is open past midnight, those late hours are considered to be a continuation of the previous day’s operating day.

We do not allow the WDW46 Challenge during the 24-hour marketing events or hard-ticket events such as Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. WDW46 must take place during  a “regular” operating day.

The Rides

The list of 46 rides comes from Disney’s official attractions list. We count only rides, not shows or exhibits. The attraction must have a vehicle. The current list of 46 rides is as follows:

Magic Kingdom

  1. Main Street Vehicles
  2. Walt Disney World Railroad
  3. Jungle Cruise
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean
  5. Magic Carpets of Aladdin
  6. Splash Mountain
  7. Big Thunder Mountain
  8. Rafts to Tom Sawyer Island
  9. Liberty Belle Riverboat
  10. Haunted Mansion
  11. It’s a Small World
  12. Peter Pan’s Flight
  13. Prince Charming Regal Carousel
  14. Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  15. Under the Sea — Journey of the Little Mermaid
  16. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  17. Mad Tea Party
  18. Dumbo the Flying Elephant
  19. Barnstormer
  20. Tomorrowland Speedway
  21. Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover
  22. Space Mountain
  23. Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin
  24. AstroOrbiter
  25. Carousel of Progress


  1. Spaceship Earth
  2. Ellen’s Energy Adventure
  3. Mission: SPACE
  4. Test Track
  5. Gran Fiesta Tour
  6. Journey Into Imagination
  7. Soarin’
  8. Living with the Land
  9. The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  1. Great Movie Ride
  2. Toy Story Midway Mania
  3. Star Tours
  4. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster
  5. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  1. Kilimanjaro Safari
  2. Wildlife Express
  3. Kali River Rapids
  4. Expedition Everest
  5. Dinosaur
  6. Primeval Whirl
  7. TriceraTop Spin

Please note these specific factors:

  • Walt Disney World Railroad – Any single leg of the journey is sufficient
  • Main Street Vehicles – A one-way trip aboard any one vehicle is sufficient
  • Mission: Space – Either the Orange or the Green side is sufficient.
  • Space Mountain – Either ride track is sufficient
  • Primeval Whirl – Either ride track is sufficient
  • Tom Sawyer Island – There is no need to exit the raft. A ride to and from the island is sufficient.
  • Duplicate rides on the same ride do not count towards your total.
  • Disney Transportation such as ferry boats, monorails, buses, and Epcot FriendShips do not count. You are welcome to ride these vehicles when park hopping, but they are not part of the official 46 rides.
  • Sum of all Thrills is not owned or operated by Disney.  It is run by a third party company as one component of a larger exhibit.  Disney does not list it on their web site as an attraction, nor is it part of the Walt Disney World app.  Therefore it is not part of the WDW46 Challenge.

Please visit the WDW46 FAQ for more information.

The Ground Rules

The most critical rule is: No cheating.

The whole point of this is to do it without any special privileges which are not available to the average paying guest.

You are not allowed to:

  • Cut in line
  • Accept special front-of-line passes
  • “Borrow” or accept someone else’s FastPasses
  • Use insider access to a ride.
  • Use any form of assistance that would allow you to bypass the normal lines other than the standard Disney Fast Pass system.

The only privileges you may use are those available to all guests: FastPass+, Single Rider Lines, and Extra Magic Hours. You must follow Disney’s stated policies for these privileges.

You may use any widely available transportation for the park hops, including personal vehicle. However, having a friend or family member drive you around is not available to most guests and therefore not allowed during the WDW46 Challenge.

Teams are not allowed to use any outside assistance. That means no one may stand in line for you, procure FastPasses, or bring you food while you are in line. Teams must also stay together at all times.

Park Hours / Difficulty

Just as a marathon may be run in 3 hours or 13 hours, so too can the WDW46 Challenge be achieved at different difficulty levels. The longer the operating hours, the less challenging WDW46 becomes.

1717 or less hours = Advanced Difficulty.
Teams must do everything in their power to limit attraction wait times and park hops, and must be able to maintain a brisk pace throughout.

1818 hours = Intermediate Difficulty.
The extra hour provides a small cushion for a moderate pace and helps to offset some of the tight windows for ride closures.

2019 or more hours = Novice Difficulty.
With this many hours, the main limitation is unplanned ride closures and large crowds. Teams may move slowly between attractions and even take breaks.

 * Note: The official park hours are what dictate the difficulty, not how long it takes to actually complete all the rides.  If the park is open 20 hours and a team completes WDW46 in 18 hours it is still recorded as a 20 hour attempt.

This is because days with longer hours have different crowd flows and individual ride operating hours, which affects the final strategy. Completing all the rides in 18 hours during a 20 hour operating day is not the same as completing them on an 18 hour operating day.

Recognition of the Attempt

In order to verify each attempt at the WDW46 Challenge, all teams must tweet photos from every ride throughout the day. @Parkeology must be tagged in each tweet. This is the only way that we can verify the attempts are legitimate and accurate.

Each ride should be tweeted out in the order that you ride them. A sample tweet might be “@Parkeology Ride 1 Space Mountain #WDW46” and include a photo of the team members on or at the ride (actually being on it is best).

It may not be practical to tweet every ride at the moment it is ridden, but please make sure each ride is accounted for.  We must be able to track your progress to verify that every ride was completed.

We understand that it may be easy to tweet photos from the River Boat and impossible from Space Mountain.  In instances where photos are not practical, please snap a picture immediately before or after the ride. We also understand that in the pressure of the moment you may forget to send a tweet or the tweet may not have gone out due to technical problems.  We are not trying to punish you and there is an element of trust here, but please try your best to tweet photos from every ride in the order you ride them and with @Parkeology in each tweet. Also please have proof ready to provide to us should we require it after the run.

Twitter apps are available for all mobile platforms, the service is free, and it is quick and easy to use. Walt Disney World provides free WiFi park-wide, making it easy to document your attempt in real time. If you choose not to send tweets, we are unable to consider your attempt.

If a ride breaks down while you are on it, we count that as a complete ride. However, you must be physically on the ride vehicle and departed the loading station when it breaks down. If a ride breaks down while you are in line, you will have to ride the ride at a later time.

All official and registered attempts at the Parkeology WDW 46 Challenge will be listed on and will be recorded into the official log.

Good luck!