A Special Announcement!

Today I’m excited to finally talk about something that’s been in the works for a few weeks.  On an excitement scale, it ranks somewhere below last Sunday’s Presidential announcement, but considerably higher than the news about Paula joining Simon on X Factor.

Not pictured:  National news.

Back when the big D23 event was announced for May 14-15, we took one look at the line-up and in a true spirit of cooperation, asked ourselves “What can we do to upstage all this?”  For awhile we toyed with hosting our own panel of Disney experts and historical retrospectives, but the only celebrities willing to commit were the inventor of the handwich, the family on brick #9484 from Walk Around the World, and James Franco.

Seriously, that dude does everything.

So either we had to create our own line of Orange Bird merchandise, or we’d have to put on our version of an in-park scavenger hunt.  I’m happy to say, the Scavenger Hunt won out (but you should have seen our concept for the Orange Bird juicer.  Think of the “Saw” movies, but with an Anita Bryant soundtrack).

Parkeology has teamed up with some of the best Disney bloggers around to create a very special in-park competition, the weekend immediately following the D23 party.

The game is called Magic Pursuit, and it will be held at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on May 22, from 4-7pm.  That’s also the opening weekend of Star Tours 3D, so if you’re in need of a distraction while waiting for the real excitement, you could always check out the new ride.

But only if you’re really desperate.

If the name “Magic Pursuit” sounds familiar, it’s because you may have participated in other in-park quests created by Kevin Yee (Miceage, Ultimate Orlando, and author of several fantastic park-related books).  Kevin and I collaborated on the puzzles for this event, and I think we’ve got some real tough tasks in store that will challenge even the most hardcore Disney fan.  But that’s not all!  Interwoven into the game is a new type of challenge, created by John Frost of The Disney Blog, with a social media component that will take the game to the next level.

And the best part of all:  The entire event is FREE*!  (* except, of course, your park admission and any bribes you wish to offer to the organizers).

By now, you’re asking “Where do I sign up?”  Well that’s easy too!  Just email kevin@miceage.com with the name of your team members.  Teams must be between 2 and 4 people.  We do need you to register in order to know how many game packets to bring.  The puzzles might take you anywhere in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, so you’ll want to be prepared for some walking.  We’re hoping the game is tough enough that not everyone will finish, but also fun enough for all skill levels.

May also require knowledge of historical artifacts, ability to outwit international espionage agents, and an advanced degree in symbology.

On the night of the event (again, May 22, 4-7pm), we will assemble at the Studio Catering Company, go over some basic rules, and then let the games begin.  Though this game is a little different than previous Magic Pursuits, you can see some of Kevin’s prior games at magicpursuit.com.

Drop us a line if you have any questions!  We look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. I hope there will be some amount of post-quest content for those of us unable to attend.

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