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Not a post as much as a notice-

We are beat and have a lot to do in our normal not running around theme parks like idiots victorious studs lives.

But there is more to come regarding WDW46; a lot more.

So stay tuned and hold on tight, WDW46 has just begun!


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  1. saw your story on the news and loved it. wish there would have been more time for you to actually enjoy the rides, but am so appreciative of your accomplishment! strategizing the parks and schedules is what i do when i take my children so they get to enjoy everything. i am currently fighting stage iii breast cancer and didn’t get to take my kids to dl in ca this year, but your story got me excited again to look forward to next year. thanks for your inspiration! and revel in your victory!! you guys did it!!

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments Alison.
      It is exciting to us that others have found inspiration from our silly little story. Some people are attempting similar events themselves and yet others just find it a fun story. It shows that if you pout your mind to it you can do anything.

      Thanks again!

  2. Still “walking on air” because of your victory! I am wondering how much time you had to spare after the last ride, and if you think you could have done it if the Backlot Tour was still operating. Also, was it the first time either of you had been on any of the rides? (Mine Train, I’m looking at you!)

    • Backlot would have required a redo of the plan, since it likely wouldn’t have been opening in the evening. Now if the first hour had gone according to plan, we easily would have had time for Backlot. But that’s what makes this so hard — accounting for literally every ride.

      The only ride that was new was Mine Train. Shane had ridden it before, but Ted had not. One of the reasons why we rode it twice.

  3. And let’s all have a big post event cheer for parkeology’s 1000th tweet! apparently that’s also a big deal…

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