Several Uses for Baby Elephants

What is it with Animal Kingdom and baby elephants?  I understand it’s a zoo, but AK has a non-stop infatuation with moving baby elephants around the park like chess pieces. Sure enough, such a thing exists, proving that even when parkeologists are joking, they’re right. It seems like one way or another, they’re always repositioning […]

Fender Neutral Preshows

Nothing reminds you that you are at the Happiest Place On Earth like the sight of a bad-boy rock band playing thumb-kissy with a C-list actress and pretending to care about their fans.  As if we were fans of Aerosmith to begin with.  Okay, maybe we are.  At least I am. Fender is a type […]

Hymns in a Theme Park

It’s been about about 13 years since the Southern Baptist boycott of Disney.  Some readers may be too young to remember this, but there was a time during the Michael Eisner years when Disney veered sharply away from their family friendly image and started embracing less savory elements. Mainly the boycott was concerned with the […]