Hidden Jafar Lives!

Just checking in from my non-stop tracking of all the incredible news breaking loose at the D23 Expo. Apparently we are getting an entirely new section of Fantasyland! And there will be a Seven Dwarfs Mine Car Coaster! And maybe some meet-n-greets or something!

Okay, I actually feel a little sad, because there are still hopeful Disney fans out there that really do think the Walt Disney Company might be capable of keeping the next major World Showcase pavilion a complete secret until the big reveal. It happens every year, with every media event, convention, or theme park anniversary. Without fail, the fan community gets themselves riled up into thinking that this is the year Disney really did manage to sneak Villain Mountain past all the rumor sites.

So to sum up, no big announcements at D23. But I was reading the blog of one of our readers here and found this:

The Lazy Man’s Disney Tours

Yes! The Hidden Jafar is alive and well, and apparently mentioned in an official Disney tour! Ah, vindication is sweet. It also means that Teevtee has to do all the parkeology laundry for a month, including the smocks from the model painting room (those stains are tough to get out).

Remember, you heard it here first!

(actually, now that I google for it, I can see this Hidden Jafar is not nearly as secret as I thought)

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  1. You are right Shane if in fact they just showed us the full ride on that video… which it is quite possible they did. However I am placing my hopes on the idea that there are a few more scenes, at the very least a big finale.

    Plus who are we kidding, Big Thunder only has a couple of real show scenes and Space Mountain even fewer. These attractions are not about linear story telling they are about creating a time and place. I was impressed wit the amount of rock work and the potential of a really pretty looking little ride. I also liked the swinging cars and the detail put into the design of the cars itself.

    I was not blown away with Mermaid in DCA and though the show building will be awesome for it in the MK I still think that the Snow White ride may in fact be the expansions sleeper hit.

  2. I’m gonna disagree on the Mine Train. It looked like one show scene (which may possibly have only bare bones figures), and then the rest a normal family coaster. I was far more impressed with the Buena Vista flyover for DCA, which sent a few chills down my spine.

  3. I was impressed by the mine train video, too. For me, it’ll all hinge on the art direction.

  4. Demand me nothing. What you know, you know.

  5. BTW Shane… the Expo may not have busted any news or blwm any minds but seriously I have to say that this Seven Dwarves mine train thing is looking much nicer than I expected… likely more interesting than the Mermain ride actually.

  6. Neon…

    Don’t let shane throw you off… he has devoted a lot of time to the secret AK door. Here on the Parkeology campus he has more or less taken over the executive board room with a huge presentation full of photos and scale models of what he has found… SHOKING is putting it mildly!

  7. Lindsay, Disney CMs never really know their stuff as much as they think they should. When I went through Traditions a long time ago, they class leaders were still talking up that “Castle can retract in a hurricane” story.

    Oh, and I think Neon may very well be disappointed with that AK door, based on my latest findings…

  8. Low starch, and don’t skimp on the ironing this time. I have to look presentable.

  9. You know the phrase “great minds think alike”… well this is the opposite…

    Just because more than one person sees this illusion does not make it real… nonetheless I will honor the bet, how much starch do you like in your shirts Shane?

  10. I’m dying of laughter over here. I had no idea the Hidden Jafar was controversial – glad I could help validate your stance. He does exist! And your picture of him looks more like the character, I could see the hat in mine but the face looked like a different guy.

    (Though for the record, I’ve heard plenty of CM legends & outright lies on official Disney tours. Even my non-Disney enthused sister caught the Keys to the Kingdom guide saying Walt was born in Marceline.)

  11. Hidden Jafar might not be a secret you got to first, but a certain secret door in a certain disney park could still be your’s!

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