Disney Theme Park News and Rumors

Legacy: Bob Chapek

Former Disney CEO Bob Chapek has been called “The Worst CEO in Disney’s History” but is that fair? Could he have been THAT bad?

Epcot to Add New “Vagueland” Pavilion

Epcot might soon play host to a new and possibly one-of-a-kind pavilion, company officials hinted at this morning in a breathtaking press release. Loosely themed to the nebulous power of uncertainty, the new Epcot pavilion — whose working title is Vagueland (though that may change) — is expected to open to guests sometime in the […]

They Killed a Seemingly Trivial Disneyland Tradition (And It’s Heartbreaking)

Over the summer, Disneyland quietly eliminated one of its long-standing traditions. It was done in the name of progress. Disney World got rid of it years ago. It was just an operational thing anyway. Nobody cared about the Disneyland re-entry hand stamp. In our age of biometrics and photo recognition, the Disneyland re-entry hand stamp […]

4 Surprising Things We Learned About Toy Story Land

Last week Disney unveiled the Toy Story Land model at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And because I am forever getting trapped into awkward situations, I had to contend with a hyper-friendly Cast Member who wanted to tell me all about it. If you’re reading this site, chances are you’re a reasonably informed Disney fan. You already […]