Infinity in my pants!

OK… Just a quick image today that I blatantly stole from our friend Jerry (Who I think may have stolen it himself so take a hike Jerry)…
But seriously, I don’t care how big a company you are,  I don’t care how many projects you are juggling or how low priority something like this is… how does this slip by?
How do you go to take a cool refreshing sip from your Disney sanctioned official Buzz Lightyear commemorative cup and end up in some sort of freak cartoon cup porn scene…
Are they just asleep at the wheel or what?
Did they have to make it neon green?

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    It’s not the only one of it’s kind. Someone was asleep at the wheel. And it is glorious.

  3. I know, it really is insane…

    You shoudl see the Woody cup!

    BTW, do you notice how proud Buzz looks? It’s like someone created this as a joke and it somehow made it into mass production.

  4. This is legitimately one of the stupidest product decisions I have ever seen. How on Spaceship Earth can you let an innuendo that obvious slip through? This is something I should be finding on FailBlog, not Parkeology..

  5. oH f NO

  6. We could go all over with this…
    Melissa hones right into the dark place!

  7. “And now while the kids are on the Space Ranger Spin, here’s a little something for Mom.”

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