Spiderman’s Boardwalk Crawl

I believe I have good news for all you Marvel fans. While running out at the Boardwalk, I noticed what I believe to be the first major construction work being done on the new Spiderman’s Boardwalk Crawl Next-Gen game that should be coming to this resort area in the very near future.

Spidey is a regular at Beaches ‘n Cream

Based on what we can piece together, this game will allow youngsters to traverse a webbed wall all along the entire Boardwalk/Yacht/Beach complex, collecting SpiderStamps and solving tricky maneuvering puzzles. No word yet on whether or not there will be a corresponding mobile application for this thrilling new addition.

They have not yet finished installing it, though it has been going up piecemeal for at least a week now. The first step was to install tacky 2-inch wooden barricades along the edge of the entire boardwalk area out at the Beach Club, which was done last week. This week has seen installation of the special Spidey webbing to be used in the game. Several panels are already complete, on the section of Boardwalk nearest the Dolphin hotel.

You can see the new wall being installed on the right, with the original boardwalk railing treatment on the left.

To say that we are looking forward to this new Next-Gen experience is quite an understatement. To our knowledge, this is the first time Next-Gen has appeared in the resorts, and also the first time Marvel characters have been incorporated. Disney continues to impress with their ability to keep this project under wraps, much like the Avatar-themed lands that dropped a bombshell on the superfans a few months back.

Note that no official announcement has yet been made, and we’re going to be pretty upset if we’ve completely misread this. I guess there’s an outside shot that this is nothing more than typical lawyerly lawsuit-proofing. But until we confirm that, we’ll be practicing our web slinging abilities and honing our SpiderSense.

Surely there’s a good reason for this, right? Right??

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  1. @sugarglider, there are no mundane thoughts involving ducks. Ducks spice up everything!

  2. @Brer, I have not seen the changes to Golden Horseshoe, but it doesn’t surprise me. I don’t really blame Disney, since lawsuits can cost them big money, but it’s frustrating that they have to idiot-proof for 1% of the population.

  3. Oh you are so right! I too saw those changes last week and was thinking much more mundane thoughts about ducks. But your revelation is way more believeable

  4. yipes!

    Have you seen what they have done to the balcony of the Golden Horseshoe in Anaheim? Talk about sad…..

    Brer Dan

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