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If you just want to stay in touch with us like the close high school buddies that we are, may we suggest the following:

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Or, if you’ve just got a general question for us, need someone to investigate a paranormal experience in your local theme park, or maybe you just want to donate large sums of money to our cause (being ridiculous on the internet)…

… use this handy Contact Us form! Type in your message, click the button, and a magic email is whisked away to the Parkeology Field Offices, where it is read by an actual member of the Parkeology staff, and may or may not be responded to, depending on whether or not you are advertising discount auto parts.

For those of you that want to send an email, but abhor the comfort of a handy web form, you may email us at: parkeology[@]gmail[.]com. Be sure to remove the brackets, which are there to ward off evil robot spiders.