Tramp Sleeps With the Fishes

Never go against the family.  That’s the lesson here, especially in the high powered Italian underworld of Main Street U.S.A.

“Take the gun, leave the meatballs.”

Tramp always had it coming.  He should have known better than to skim free spaghetti dinners from a kingpin like Tony.  And he’s out flaunting his status with those high class dames, drawing the wrong kind of attention.  Is it any wonder Peg had all those bad things to say about him, with her in stir and him out on the town?

Every time he thought he was out, they pulled him back in. They fitted old Tramp with a pair of cement shoes, and now he’s sleeping with the fishes in the Rivers of America.

Luca Brasi’s unflattering Rock-n-Rollercoaster Photo

Or maybe you never noticed.  Checkout the sidewalk down the entrance from Tony’s Town Square Restaurant.  If you know to look for it, it’s hard to miss:  Cold hard evidence that someone made Tramp an offer he couldn’t refuse.

“You broke my heart, Tramp.  You BROKE my heart!”

Yeah, those are his paw prints alright, and the symbolism of an arrow through the heart.  Sure, we’ve seen cement footprints before, and there are some who say that this is just an innocent sign of love, maybe left behind in wet cement on a nightly walk with his Lady.

But we know the truth.  That’s no sweet movie reference.  A quick punch of the pause button (paws button?) will tell you that.  In the movie, there were only two footprints:  One each for Lady and the Tramp.  The arrow pointed the other way, and the heart had a border around it — not to mention the initials.

“All right.  This one time I’ll let you ask me about my affairs.”

So next time you’re riding the Liberty Belle around Tom Sawyer Island, enjoying yourself without a care in the world, just remember that not everything is personal.  Sometimes, it’s strictly business.  Tramp got what he deserved.

Why do you think they call it Howling Dog Bend?

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  1. I could get behind the idea of mobsters that a) owned an Italian restaurant and sang Belle Notte b) encased all 4 of a dogs paws in cement b/c he took free spaghetti and c) before doing so, made cement incentions of his 4 paws and put an arrow through the heart to brag about their future murder.

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