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As you probably already know, Innoventions is full of garbage.  In fact, it’s one of the featured exhibits.  They love to teach you what the future will be like, and in the future, we will recycle everything.

Recycling seems to be a common thread among Epcot pavilions.  Ellen recycles sunlight, Test Track recycles kinetic energy, the Land recycles water, Imagination recycles Michael Jackson.  In Innoventions, you and your family can become garbage men and help save the environment.  When you do, the exhibit emails you a certificate.

I share this with you and applaud them, because I can think of no better way to acknowledge an Achievement in Conservation than to provide everyone who comes through my exhibit with a full-color, full-page fake certificate to be printed out on their high-quality glossy paper of choice.

If you print this, please use only gas-powered printers.

Special thanks to my friend Jonathan for sending me the certificate, and for printing it out first, then faxing it to me so that I could take that print-out and scan it.  Also, I hope he can improve on that 75% score for “Sorting It Out”.

Here’s another example of Disney irony in action.

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  1. True, but if you are exceptionally daring, you can find a random guest on one of those motorized scooters and push them backwards for the same effect.

  2. But you get to drive (push) a garbage truck that makes the beep-beep backing up noise=)

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