Final Prep…


Its almost here…

Nearly 20 years in the making (more on this later) the impossible is about to come true (or fail spectacularly) WDW 47 is set to launch in just 4 days.

Plans have been made and remade. Numbers have been crunched. Test runs have been held. Strategy has been discussed, scrapped, altered and accepted. Reservations are set and the final master plan is now in place.


Our supplies are gathered, our plans are made. Now our theories get put to the test.

They say it can’t be done. They say one day is not enough. They say the timing is not right. We say they are wrong,

On Sunday June 16th the (Spaceship) Earth will stand still as four parks fall and two Parkeologists do the impossible;

One Day

Four Parks


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  1. Good luck guys! You symbolise all us Disney fans who have a lot in mind to do but not much time to do it. I really like your poster, too!

  2. I almost want to make some lame comment about this all ending with you opening the mystery door in AK. But screw that. What you guys are doing is awesome and I wish you luck as one park fan to another,

    • Thanks Neon.

      As we are running panickly past the infamous door know that we will be thinking of you. Of course we will also be laughing knowing the wonderous mysteries held within… But thinking of you nonetheless.

    • What is the mystery door? I do not remember a Parkeology post about this door.

      On-topic: What’s in the Magic Shop on Streets of America?!?! It’s been killing me for a year!

  3. You just know that by the end of the day, we’re going to be killing each other for a bite of that breakfast cookie.

    And I don’t want to sound too optimistic, but I’m trying to figure out a way we can add the Universal rides to the plan.

    • I’ve already made reservations for two at Victoria and Alberts at 8:15pm. I gave us that extra 15 minutes just to be safe.

  4. Oh man… I have chills. I can’t believe you guys are really going to attempt this. I keep thinking about all the clueless people who you will pass on that fateful day, oblivious to the mission you are strangely compelled to do. My friends, I salute you, whatever happens.

    I forgot to say, I love the poster you made of all the ride vehicles. I would buy that as a print to hang in my house. It was fun going through and identifiying all the rides. Carousel of Progress did stump me for a while!

    • Shane did that poster and it is awesome I agree.

    • Thanks for the poster love! I probably spent too much time working on that when I should have been working on how to make the legendary Soarin/Toy Story Mania maneuver. I’ll try to get the poster or the shirt out there for purchase somewhere soon.

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