Double the Fun


T-7 Days and counting…

The most epic, challenging, outrageous and downright INSANE event in Parkeology history is only a week away. Despite the already nearly insurmountable odds we just made it even more difficult.

If getting one person through the entire roster of WDW rides in one single normal operating day wasn’t hard enough we are doubling the challenge, now BOTH Shane and myself will be tackling the monumental WDW47. It’s Team Parkeology!

Hand in hand (not literally but you never know, Shane does get frightened on the spinney rides) we will set out to prove the impossible and tame the beast; four parks, forty-seven rides, ONE day.

Circumstances and logistics have fallen into place and the stars have aligned to allow the team effort.  But rest assured, there is no cheating allowed.  We will not hold places in line while the other one runs to get fast passes.  We will not alternate rides; we will not split duties in any way.  All the same rules apply; we cannot cheat by using backstage areas, holding multiple fast passes at once or “back dooring” any attraction.  This is pure, we must adhere to the same rules and operating standards as any guest on any day only now it will be a little less lonely and a little more difficult.

The complexities of such an attempt cannot be overstated.  It is far from simply running around the parks trying to get on a bunch of rides.  Remember we are talking about EVERY RIDE.  That means that every ride has to be open and operational… something that surprisingly is not usually the case.  Some rides open late or close early (in a few cases ridiculously early). Juggling the schedules of the park hours, the individual ride schedules and the anticipated wait times is both art and science.

We have a plan in hand… and I must tell you its nuts.  But if things fall into place, with just a little luck, it is doable.

We believe that this is the first time in history two idiots  men have attempted such a feat.

Disney will have you believe that you need a full week at WDW to experience all the rides they have to offer… we beg to differ.

Remember to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.  We will be live tweeting and posting FB updates so that you can monitor the progress.

We just supersized this sucker… spread the word and keep and eye out for the two of us a week from today.

More updates to come….



Comments (6)

  1. You can ride the main street vehicles BEFORE the park officially opens. I was just wondering if that sort of tactic (which is offered to the general public) would be one you would utilize.

    • Honestly Julia, had we been able to lock in reservations at Crystal Palace we sure would use it.

      There was some debate about this but at the end of the day it is not “cheating” as it is available to anyone.

      But again, sadly, we do not have reservations and therefore will lose previous time. If you happen to have reservations we sure will take them!

  2. This will be like me following Santa’s progress on Christmas Eve!

    I wish I could leave you cookies and milk outside Maelstrom.

  3. You guys are crazy fun. I hope you are successful. What a blast!

  4. are you guys using the ability to get into the parks before they open? I have noticed a significant difference in touring when we “eat” at Crystal Palace” before the park opens and are some of the first at the rope in the castle. Also it is a great way to get on the main street vehicles before anyone else!

    • There are compelling reasons to use advantages such as reservations at Crystal Palace. However there are some strong reasons not to as well.

      It’s hard to explain with out getting into great detail but just remember that it is not about trying to see many rides in a day, it’s about seeing ALL the rides in a day. This means that if you just burst in and started plowing through rides you may miss some very specific windows that need to be hit on some if the lesser attractions.

      It’s a Rubiks Cube…

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