Disney Theme Park Hidden Secrets

The Four Dragon Kings of the Theme Parks

When it comes to mythical beasts, dragons are royalty.  Unicorns are upper class, a little bit snooty, sort of pampered.  Griffins are middle class, your sort of everyday run-of-the-mill hybrid creatures, and jackalopes are like the serfs tending to the fields and making jokes about the unicorns behind their backs.  The other mythical beasts fall […]

Disappearing Aliens

Magic is the tool of choice for Imagineering, and perhaps no trick is so astounding as when they make awesome Tomorrowland attractions disappear.  You know.  The classics:  Skyway, Alien Encounter, Timekeeper… Not so fast, Delta Dreamflight. On occasion, Imagineering has been known to work a little magic inside an attraction as well.  Stitch’s Great Escape […]

Sinister Shipments From Adventureland

Or, The Bizarre Bazaar:  How I Spent My Vacation Researching Morbid Death Camps. It’s always such a chore picking post headlines here in the Parkeology offices.  I always like the funny, alliterative ones, but they usually aren’t very descriptive.  Wouldn’t it be great if Adventureland’s Agrabah Bazaar sold brassieres?  That would be a headline I […]

Bugs Bunny is Better

It’s inescapable.  At some point in your life as a Disney Fan, you will bump into Captain Contrarian.  You know this character.  He is very easy to recognize.  He is the Uncle or Lab Partner or Friend-of-a-Friend who latches on to the fact that you like Disney stuff, and then proceeds to tell you how […]

Fender Neutral Preshows

Nothing reminds you that you are at the Happiest Place On Earth like the sight of a bad-boy rock band playing thumb-kissy with a C-list actress and pretending to care about their fans.  As if we were fans of Aerosmith to begin with.  Okay, maybe we are.  At least I am. Fender is a type […]

As the World Turns

It’s not as obvious with the most recent changes, but one of Epcot’s classic attractions has always employed a little bit of musical steroids to pump up one of the emotional punches of the ride. It’s a sneaky bit of subterfuge, injected from hidden speakers as you reach the top, and even though I stole […]