Disney Theme Park Hidden Secrets

Indian Curses are the Least of Your Worries

Forget about flooded ghost towns, howling bobcats, avalanches, steaming geysers, runaway trains, cave-ins, or shrieking flocks of bats.  If it’s grave danger you seek, you can start by looking in the loading area. Legend tells of a Big Thunder Mining Company, which struck gold in this little corner of Frontierland. They expanded operations, riddled the […]

Tramp Sleeps With the Fishes

Never go against the family.  That’s the lesson here, especially in the high powered Italian underworld of Main Street U.S.A. “Take the gun, leave the meatballs.” Tramp always had it coming.  He should have known better than to skim free spaghetti dinners from a kingpin like Tony.  And he’s out flaunting his status with those […]

Shoving Complaints Down Your Throat

Go to Walt Disney World enough times and you’re bound to be accosted at some point by Disney survey takers, usually right when you’re leaving the park.  The questions they ask are usually pretty innocuous for most guests (“Did you visit American Idol Experience?”  “Did you take advantage of our picnic lunch program?”  “If Ariel […]

Mysterious Holes

This is the week, America.  This is the week when those wonderful blue construction walls start popping up in earnest for the “biggest expansion in the Magic Kingdom’s history.”  They’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, but now we’re actually going to see some closures.  First to bite the dust:  Pooh’s Playful Spot and […]

capitalizing on a tower

Nothing says that the world is tiny like a giant, soaring 120 foot tower.  If it was still around today, it would be the second tallest structure in the Magic Kingdom, but of course it’s gone.  Pepsi Co isn’t even the sponsor of “it’s a small world” anymore.  That honor is reserved for the Daisy […]

Shakespeare’s Ghost

When it comes to famous writers in Disney theme parks, Mark Twain got an island named after his character, a riverboat named after his pen name, and a frontier fortress named after himself.  He’s doing pretty good. Jules Verne used to have a submarine ride, a guest spot in Timekeeper, and an entire land at […]