How to Cope When Disney Closes Your Favorite Ride

The Universe of Energy closing date is almost upon us. Those clever vampires in Disney Merchandising are already selling t-shirts featuring the word “Extinct.” It gives me some ideas about how to monetize my own funeral. This is not the first vintage Disney ride to close. It’s not even the best. In the late 90s, […]

Watch Out For These 5 Offensive Pre-Shows at Disney Theme Parks

Last summer, Disney shockingly altered the pre-show to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith to remove a crude hand gesture by the band’s lead singer. Now that it’s safe to enjoy the underwear-sponsored attraction and its family-friendly Aerosmith songs about steamy love-making in a roller coaster, Disney can finally turn its attention to the remaining […]

Stupid Judy Played the Perfect Jeopardy Round and LOST!

Imagine that you are Dr. Judy Peterson, professor at the prestigious University of Energy. You have just lost a gameshow to your former college roommate, who calls you “Stupid Judy.” And yet you are the only person in history to play a perfect Jeopardy round. When Was the Perfect Jeopardy Round Played? Back in 1996, […]