The Costume Store Revisited

Just a quick update to settle the debate about what The Costume Shop actually was. I got a note the other day from Ryan, who runs the fantastic Main Street Gazette site. Here’s some scans he provided of the MGM guidebook for this time period:

As you can see, the Costume Shop was essentially Villains in Vogue before there was Villains in Vogue. Which makes sense, since it was right around the time Sunset Boulevard opened that the Costume Shop morphed into the Ellen bookstore thing.

And also accounts for all those little Jafar clones running around the park.

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2 thoughts on “The Costume Store Revisited

    Before it was Villains in Vogue the shop was Sunset Villains. I have a 1999 Birmbaum book that states the shops in the studios.

    Legends of Hollywood, Mouse about Town, Once Upon A Time, Planet Hollywood Superstore, Sunset club Couture, Sunset Ranch, and Sunset Villains.

    All bad guys, aH the time, That’s the motto of this new hsop which has a killer selection of merchandise featuring the dark side of Disney – the characters we love to hate.

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