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Earlier this week we took a look at some of the special little touches that abound within the Tokyo Disney Resort. You can find that here.

We are going to continue today by looking at the remaining “Story Cards” the resort offers.

One major difference between the Japanese and most Western cultures are how they seem drawn to the printed word. Pick up a Japanese magazine sometime and you will see more text then you can believe. Even kids magazines are just overflowing with descriptions and type. Disney fans who collect printed materials are in heaven because the parks have all sorts of free give-aways. More than just park maps they have specialized materials for certain attractions (like Tom Sawyer Island or the Fortress Explorations) and much more.

But in the U.S. we tend to respond to pretty pictures more than words (stupid reading, you suck!)… who needs a book when the movie will be out soon? So lets get back to the pictures and check out some story cards.

Make sure you click on them to blow them up and see the detail.

First more from Tokyo Disneyland:



Now back to Tokyo Disney Sea:




The last one we will check out today is unique… it is for the Transit Steamer Line which is Tokyo Disney Sea’s version of the train, only in a boat. It is more or less what the old Animal Kingdom Discovery Boats aimed to be but failed miserably instead. The Transit Steamer on the other hand is a relaxing and fun boat ride around the entire park. Because there is much more to cover (considering all the sights to be seen) they could not fit everything on one simple card. So in this case you are presented with a small 4-page newspaper. Designed to fit with the American Waterfront theme (one of the main launch stations for the Steamer) it futures ads for local restaurants and a host of other fun things. I LOVE this type of extra, it makes the experience much more unique and rich, and is another cool souvenir.

Next time we will take a trip over to the Fortress Explorations to check out the five, yes FIVE different cards they have available to help you fully appreciate what is really one of the most incredible parts of the entire park.

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  1. The Sinbad cards just reminded me of how much I hate the new version. It’s like they turned it into a stereotype of what Disney does to stories. No sense of thrilling adventure or danger, but everything is just happy bunnies and Alan Menken songs and turned the attraction from the manly baby of Small World and PIrates to just Arabian Small World

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