T-Shirt Correction League

So I was browsing through a shop at the Magic Kingdom. I think it was Sir Mickey’s (a.k.a. the best shop in Fantasyland), and I came across a t-shirt.

I think this is a new line of interactive clothing from the makers of fine Disney threads. The goal is to look at the picture and see if you can spot all the things wrong with it.

Let’s see how I do…

  • The real Main Street U.S.A. is in color, and the picture is in black and white.
  • Mickey Mouse is a cartoon character, not a real person.
  • The trolley tracks don’t end suddenly into a great white void
  • Main Street usually has people on it.
  • It’s not raining right now, so the street shouldn’t be wet.
  • Walt Disney is dead, but the picture shows him as alive.

Let’s see, am I missing anything?

Oh yeah. That ain’t the Magic Kingdom. Nice try, Disney Merchandisers.

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  1. Is possible to buy size small?

    • You’d have to check with Disney parks merchandise on that one. This post is somewhat old, so I’m not sure if they still sell this shirt.

  2. ok I didn’t get the shirt, but I did get the coffee mug, and it is hands down my favorite coffee mug!

    • My favorite mug was one that looked like an old Magic Kingdom fast food cup from the 70s. And then I dropped it in my garage and shattered it. Oh, the humanity.

  3. do you know if its possible to buy this shirt on line, I just couldn´t find in at disney store…

    • Probably not in an official Disney store online, but I believe the parks actually have a merchandise hotline you can call to order. A quick google search will probably find it.

  4. You guys have sharper eyes than me! I never even thought about the poor guy that got painted over by Mickey. his one claim to fame, and they treated him like Mike Waczowski!

    And @Kathee, thanks for cluing me in on how long this shirt has been around. Just proves how hard it is to catch every detail at WDW.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s almost time for the hovering collar to appear!

  5. I bought this year on Main Steet in WDW back in 2007, knowing it was DL, but still love it! 🙂

  6. I often look up while I’m on Main St. and admire the giant black collar hovering in the sky.

  7. Also…

    Walt was watching a worker paint the rail track. They removed him and added Mickey.

    Poor guy.

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