WDW47 An Adventure 20 Years in the Making

Tomorrow is the official attempt, but in many ways, WDW47 is already underway. The two members of Team Parkeology are already on site. Supplies have have been packed. The ponchos have been rolled. Alarm clocks have been set. All that remains is to add one more bit of complexity to this insane quest. To take something already impossible and make it just a little bit more impossibler.

When I announced #WDW47 the idea was to put a single man into the field. Like a secret agent moving through throngs of unaware crowds as he attempts to complete a desperate mission. And then we decided to make it even tougher. Through a simple twist of fate, Teevtee was scheduled to vacation here from his home base in Chicago, and we decided it would be even more reckless to pair up. Now on the eve of the big event, we finally decided to meet in person for the first time.

Teevtee and I have known each other for almost 20 years dating back to an old fl.attractions AOL message board. We liked each other’s sense of humor and obsessive Disney knowledge. It kept us on our toes. Now we will be learning how to work together in person while trying to complete an impossible mission in physical conditions for which neither of us is probably adequately prepared. All while trying to share the experience with people on the Internet.

I think we’ll do fine.

The question remains: what will be our final total? I have come to the conclusion that if we had simply altered the rules and granted one freebie (46 of 47) that we would finish, and handily at that. The plan is that solid. Simply ditch a single ride and everything falls into place. But our mission is 47. Every ride accounted for. So while 46 is doable under different rules, our total may fall short of it as we struggle to complete the whole set. We have resolved that even if we fail, we will fail as late as possible. We want to come roaring into those Magic Kingdom Extra Magic Hours with the goal still a mathematical possibility, even if it is not a practical one.

As I prepare to go dark prior to go-time tomorrow, I want to say thanks for everyone’s encouragement. I hope we can make you proud.

See you at rope drop.

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  1. I mean… technically you failed. The whole gimmick was to ride EVERY ride, no? I don’t think substitutions should really count…

  2. So amazed that you pulled it off. The following song popped into my head:

    “I never dreamed that I would climb
    Over the moon in ecstasy,
    But nevertheless it’s there that I’m
    Shortly about to be
    Cause I’ve got a golden ticket
    I’ve got a golden chance to make my way
    And with the golden ticket it’s a golden day.

    Good morning! Look at the sun!
    Cause I have said, “It couldn’t be done”
    But it can be done.”

    You proved it! You LIVED it. Rock on, Parkeology!

  3. Have been following your path all day, first time on Twitter! THANK YOU for such detailed updates, I’ve been on the edge of my seat. Misunderstood you and thought you did not get on Kali because of rain, was very relieved to realize you rode it IN the downpour. Wondering what you are going to do when it is all over, sleep or eat?

    Have to go to bed now but will be racing to the computer upon waking at 5:40 to see what ended up happening. Praying for the clouds to blow over! You two are so inspiring, all the nay-sayers will have to bite their tongues. Looking foward to all your thoughts and details on the day. I am blown away!
    –Melanie in NJ (but with you in spirit)

  4. 5% chance of precipitation at Midnight! Ya’ll can do it!

  5. Just checked in on Twitter, so tense! Hope Test Track doesn’t ruin everything. So far you are doing great, hope you did not get in trouble with any Disney employees!

  6. We’re following and cheering you on all the way!! Best of luck to you. Looking forward to your tweets, as well as a followup post! Have a blast.

  7. Keep us posted! After today can ya’ll list all the rides you went on in order? Loving the Twitter updates!

  8. GO GO GO GO !! March swiftly like the wind – or slowly enough to not draw the ire of the CMs. May the queues be short, and the monorail on time! YAY!

    • I second that! But I’m going to predict that they won’t use a monorail, at least not for a park hop. Buses all the way, baby! I’m dying to see how this will go.

  9. Good luck, guys!

    And I can’t believe you’ve never met in person. Just like my co-blogger Bob Iger. Amazing.

  10. You are from chicago Teevtee?
    In an alternate timeline where things had gone quite different I would have loved to hang out at disneyquest with you someday.

    Good luck guys.
    And for the record I don’t think you should have to count MK transport as a ride.
    But that’s just me

  11. Good luck!

  12. Go forth & conquer! Can’t wait to follow along tomorrow. Have a great time!

  13. Just have fun with it– whatever happens, you will have set a world record! It’s so much more dramatic having learned that this will be your first time meeting one another. Someday when you two are as old as Statler and Waldorf, you will look back on this epic day and chuckle together.

  14. Wait!
    We’ve never met face to face?
    Then who the hell have I been having lunch with at the Parkeology offices for the past 5 years?

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