How to Survive the Parkeology WDW47 Challenge Parknado!

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you know that a major storm is brewing for tomorrow. On December 6, 2017, a class-5 Parknado will be unleashed on the Walt Disney World Resort in the form of 15 separate teams — all vying to complete the Parkeology WDW47 Challenge to ride every ride at […]

How Pandora Will Affect the WDW47 Challenge

There’s been a ton of interest in our WDW47 Challenge lately (Every Disney Ride in a Single Operating Day). If you’re not familiar with it, you can read all about it here. Today we want to address and clarify all the questions we’ve been getting lately about how Pandora will be treated for purposes of […]

WDW46: The Video and the Official Parkeology Challenge

My how time flies. It’s been two months since we completed WDW46 and over a year and a half since we created the idea of riding every Walt Disney World ride in one day. We were interviewed on national radio shows, featured in newspapers and on podcasts and even turned up on both local and national news […]

Two Days Until WDW46

Today we continue on with our series on the best animated film park tie-ins. We have some all-time classics on the list here. Fox and the Hound, Black Cauldron, Oliver and Company. These films not only– Ah forget it, we can wrap up that series later. We want to keep the momentum building for WDW46, […]

You asked for more, we are giving you less!

Riddle me this Batman: When is 46 greater than 47? Disney may own Marvel but the DC universe queries us with an interesting quandary: is less ever more? Can 46 be greater than 47? The answer is most assuredly yes. Though it may seem paradoxical experiencing the 46 operating rides at WDW today is in […]

The Game Changer

INT. PARKEOLOGY OFFICES – NIGHT Park guide maps and power bar wrappers litter the table. Old FastPass tickets are strewn on the floor. Somewhere under the rubble, a stopwatch continues to run. Forgotten. SHANE sits on the floor with his back to the wall. Spent coffee cups around him, maybe something stronger. He hasn’t showered […]

WDW47: The Video

Have you ever watched a documentary about some crazy daredevil guy? Maybe a guy who jumps off of buildings with parachutes or a surfer in shark infested waters. Maybe it was about a guy who climbed some incredibly massive mountain. The footage can be gripping, the cameras are often right there, right in the guy’s […]