Teevtee’s take WDW47 One week later: A day that will live in infamy

“There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every KABOOM!”An enormous clap of thunder shudders through the rotating Carousel of Progress Theater interrupting the Sherman Brothers’ famous song and shaking the walls and seats. It’s sometime past 10:30 pm Sunday June 16th and Shane and I have completed 36 of the 47 […]

WDW47 Post Mortem

Just what did happen on Sunday? How did two guys who had never met in person before manage to work together in an attempt to do the impossible: See all 47 rides at Walt Disney World in a single operating day, in the sweltering June heat of peak tourist season? And above all, did we […]

WDW47 An Adventure 20 Years in the Making

Tomorrow is the official attempt, but in many ways, WDW47 is already underway. The two members of Team Parkeology are already on site. Supplies have have been packed. The ponchos have been rolled. Alarm clocks have been set. All that remains is to add one more bit of complexity to this insane quest. To take […]


Because I can’t resist talking about this crazy plan, I wanted to address some questions that have come up. I’m not going to tip the whole schedule this early, because what’s the fun in that? But I can’t help obsessing over the details. When is the attempt? Sunday, June 16th. Which happens to be Father’s […]

WDW47 Revealed

If you’re wondering why it’s been kind of quiet here on Parkeology, it’s because I’ve been working on a new obsession. It’s a little project of mine. An insane, magnificent little project of great worth to humankind. I mentioned this way back in April (4/7), which is appropriate because this mission is entitled WDW47. We […]


There is nothing to see here tonight. This post can be completely ignored. But since today is April 7, I couldn’t let today go by without announcing my intention to complete WDW47. I did not come to this decision lightly. In fact, it is the culmination of years of training. My wife has already told […]