There is nothing to see here tonight. This post can be completely ignored. But since today is April 7, I couldn’t let today go by without announcing my intention to complete WDW47.

I did not come to this decision lightly. In fact, it is the culmination of years of training. My wife has already told me it cannot be done. And she may be right. At this point there are too many variables, too many unsolved problems. But due to my own schedule and that of the theme park overlords, the next window is not for another 2 months. I have time. There are experts who can be consulted. Trainers who can prepare me. If all else fails, there is magic.

Fun fact: 47 is a prime number.

I’m not yet prepared to disclose what 47 is. That defeats the point of talking about a top secret project on the internet, especially since we are almost 70 days away from the event horizon (and I’m not even sure I’m using that term correctly, but it sounded cool). Suffice it to say that it relates to a seemingly impossible task that nobody except theme park geeks will care about, and the jury is out on whether they will care anyway. Maybe if I make a t-shirt (snap judgement: I’m making a t-shirt).

Fun fact: 47 is the answer to a jokey math problem which says that all numbers equal 47. It was developed by somebody at Pomona College, and a whole bunch of Star Trek writers loved the joke so much, they injected the number into almost every episode. So says wikipedia.

As a point of clarification, this has nothing to do with Run Disney’s recently announced Dopey Challenge. That one is 48.6 miles. Which does not round down to 47 (unless one is rounding down to closest prime number). Also, that one involves lots of running. Also, it’s crazy.

Fun Fact: Disney’s fan club is D23. If you were to double that and add 1, you get 47.

Anyway, consider this very early advance warning. I’ll talk more about it in the coming months. But for now, just be aware that #WDW47 is the top trending hashtag on Twitter right now (it isn’t, but maybe if you all tweet about it at exactly 4:07a.m. tomorrow, it will be. What? Don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night to help this thing go viral?)

That’s all for now. Regular parkeology posts will resume later this week.

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  1. Is it riding all 47 rides at WDW that have ride cars? If so, email me, cuz I’d love to join in…

    • Keep reading the several related posts Jordan.

      All is made clear.

      • Yup, I realized soon after I posted. You’ve now gotten this crazy idea stuck in my head, too. I’m interning with the Disney College Program Aug 12-Jan 3, and it looks like I can’t even start an attempt until after Nov 13 (due to various ride closures).

  2. It was fun researching the number 47, but it only made me more curious about what’s going on! Don’t leave us hanging!

    I love this blog so much. Just had to say it!

    • Unfortunately because of how ridiculously difficult this plan is, I have decided not to announce what it is until much closer to the actual event. Like NASA missions, WDW47 requires all the stars and planets to align before it is even possible. My excitement could not prevent from talking about it early, but we’ve got more than a month to go.

  3. Could it have anything to do with the fact this was posted on April 7 (4/7)? ^_^

    • Andrew, I did post on that date intentionally, but only because it was serendipitous. 47 is critical number in the challenge.

  4. “Later this week”

    Heartbreaking really

    • Yeah, I’m disappointed myself. I could make up excuses about how work was crazy, and relatives were coming to visit, and all that. But mainly, I just had too much fun practicing for WDW47.

  5. I’m going to assume it has to do with the fact that Walt last set foot on the Florida property 47 years ago (October 1966).

    • A brilliant #47 fact! And it does have something to do with the Florida property. But Walt himself does not figure into it. Yet.

  6. I’m assuming it’s got something to do with Famed Naturalist John Muir™, whose wife was born in 1847. QED.

    • Famed Naturalist John Muir™ might not approve of WDW47, because it involves a lot of technology. But I can’t speak for his wife. She seems like a trooper. It is hard to live in the shadow of a Famed Naturalist who is hogging the spotlight.

  7. I am just gonna assume wdw47 is opening that secret door in animal kingdom. Yup that’s got to be it

    • Animal Kingdom, yes. Secret door, no. Unless the secret door contains the secrets to several puzzles that I have not yet been able to solve.

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