Disney Theme Park News and Rumors

T-Shirt Correction League Redux

A couple months back, I posted an innocuous little blurb about a new t-shirt being sold at Magic Kingdom (specifically in the Sir Mickey’s shop in Fantasyland). As is the duty of every person who writes something on the internet, this post was intended to mock a large corporation for its fact checking, and to […]

Jokes In T-Shirts

I think it’s cool that we’ve gotten to be so comfortable with each other over the years. Like how you don’t mind if I occasionally spend a whole day writing about t-shirts. And in return, I don’t complain about you reading this in sweatpants. I have to say I’m enjoying the trend lately from the […]

T-Shirt Correction League

So I was browsing through a shop at the Magic Kingdom. I think it was Sir Mickey’s (a.k.a. the best shop in Fantasyland), and I came across a t-shirt. I think this is a new line of interactive clothing from the makers of fine Disney threads. The goal is to look at the picture and […]

Spiderman’s Boardwalk Crawl

I believe I have good news for all you Marvel fans. While running out at the Boardwalk, I noticed what I believe to be the first major construction work being done on the new Spiderman’s Boardwalk Crawl Next-Gen game that should be coming to this resort area in the very near future. Spidey is a […]

The Most Wonderful Time

It’s been quiet around the parkeology offices lately. As you might have guessed, this is because we went overboard on the Halloween party, and while Teevtee’s Cloverfield monster costume was a huge hit, those prosthetics gave him a severe case of carpal tunnel. He barely survived the karaoke portion of the festivities. So with this […]

The Upside of Avatar

According to a Gallup poll released recently, Avatarland has an approval rating that’s actually worse than the French head of the IMF. Blue Man Group has seen its ticket sales plummet since the announcement. It’s gotten so bad that the church of Scientology released a statement calling it a “patently crazy idea.” I cannot disagree […]

The Problem With Avatar…

See, Disney can keep a secret after all. A bunch of rich white guys announce a way to make money off a bunch of poor blue people. I would guess that they have been scrambling to put this big Avatar deal together for some time, hoping perhaps to have it wrapped up for a big […]

Echoes of Aulani

I recently got back from a week on Oahu. For those of you that don’t speak Hawaiian, Oahu is an island ¬†whose most famous feature is Pearl Harbor, the site of some obscure bit of American history. If you’ve heard of Pearl Harbor at all, it’s only because Ben Affleck made a movie about it. […]

Disney World is for Addicts

If you don’t mind, I’d like to talk about something serious that is affecting the parkeology community. It’s the sad dark side to being a Disney park fan: Addiction. This social disease has claimed more than its fair share of Disney bloggers. It’s not something we like to talk about, but I’m afraid it must […]