Keep Disney Weird: The Top 5 Weirdest Attractions Ever

Disney used to produce weird movies, create weird plots, craft weird food and of course create weird Disney attractions.  Truthfully most of Disney’s past is weird. Human sized talking mice, singing tiki birds, banjo-playing bears, politically correct non-sexually assaulting pirates, this stuff is just bizarre.   Today it’s all Marvel, curated streaming services and elaborately tiered dining plans, but there was a time when Disney did […]

Misadventures Thru Inner Space

Indulge me one final plug for Magic Pursuit, our puzzle quest game through Disney’s Hollywood Studios, happening this Sunday!  You can still register your team!  Now, on with the blog… It’s said that as you get older, you grow wiser.  I think I mostly just grow nostalgic.  I’m not new to the whole Disney thing. […]