Spaceship Mac

Updated – 10/5/11 Steve Jobs passed away today.  He had a massive influence on our society in general and perhaps Disney and it’s fans even more so.   I think Steve Jobs in many ways is a modern day Walt Disney.  His image is so closely tied to that of his company, and he has […]

As the World Turns

It’s not as obvious with the most recent changes, but one of Epcot’s classic attractions has always employed a little bit of musical steroids to pump up one of the emotional punches of the ride. It’s a sneaky bit of subterfuge, injected from hidden speakers as you reach the top, and even though I stole […]

Indian Curses are the Least of Your Worries

Forget about flooded ghost towns, howling bobcats, avalanches, steaming geysers, runaway trains, cave-ins, or shrieking flocks of bats.  If it’s grave danger you seek, you can start by looking in the loading area. Legend tells of a Big Thunder Mining Company, which struck gold in this little corner of Frontierland. They expanded operations, riddled the […]