Just Us Chickens

Today I’d like you to meet the only animatronics in Toontown.  These lovely ladies may not look like much, but when it comes to three-dimensional moving figures, they’re all you’re gonna get.  Everything else is either a statue, a painting, or some college kid in a foam rubber suit. These gals aren’t that hard to […]

Mysterious Holes

This is the week, America.  This is the week when those wonderful blue construction walls start popping up in earnest for the “biggest expansion in the Magic Kingdom’s history.”  They’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, but now we’re actually going to see some closures.  First to bite the dust:  Pooh’s Playful Spot and […]

Toontown In Perspective

When you think of the absolute pinnacle of Disney themed lands, only one comes to mind:  Mickey’s Toontown Fair.  Alright I’m joking, nothing holds a candle to Dinorama.  But for all its cheapo judges tents and glorified kiddie coasters, occasionally Toontown Fair can surprise you with an actual detail or two. Take this sign. (no, […]